Soap Box Derby!!!

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  1. So, this is one of my favorite things to do in the summertime is our town's annual Soap Box Derby race. I was wondering if anyone here has built these before and what yours looks like. The car with the WWII shark face on it is mine. The one made out of a bomb is my little sisters. I hope you guys enjoy these pics, I know I had fun being in them, happy racing!

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  2. More of the cars...

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  3. That last pictures of the cars...

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    looks like alot of fun 4 the kids
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    In SoCal we have 3 main soap box organizations - SFVISBF was the first, then VULGR and SCISR, and have since spawned sister organizations in Austrailia and New Jersey.

    Yeah, it's a bunch of crazy people with cars made from all sorts of odd parts. Plus many of the cars have mounted video cameras, so there's always good race footage. Basically we just commandeer a canyon road or even a residential street early in the morning, and try to run the race and get out of there before any police show up. After rolling my car over on my head the first season, my second car now has a roll bar. :grin5:

    If you want an idea of what it's like, here's a greatest hits video: Youtube Link.
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    For the kids? There is a group of grown men that race gravity cars that use a chassis that began life as a hand truck. The group is called something like "outlaw soap box racers". They spend a lot of dinero on those gravity cars.
  7. The one that we have is laid back and fun for ALL ages...