SoCal ride Sept 27th

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    The ride last month from Monrovia (near Pasadena) to Bonelli park in San Dimas is being held again Sept 27th as we are trying to make it a regular monthly ride (with location changes some or most times)

    I will repost map but for now look on the recent post "soCal ride" for route until i repost it. the time will be 10am

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    socal ride

    after reading your post on the southern cali. ride i am somewhat more at ease with riding a motored bike i live in 29 palms cali and was wondering about the lagallities of these things i have seen a couple around the community college here im sure if you were to obey all saftey laws and wear all the saftey gear and stay off the main hi-way there shouldn't be too many problems huh?
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    look in the "laws and legislation" threads and you will see all the info you need.
    Like you said just obey traffic laws and you wont get hassled.

    Now lets not let this thread change directions.
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    29th is a Tuesday...... is that correct?
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    Thanks Strotter, i was given wrong info, its the 27th
    i will start new thread