SoCal Ride?show OC July 18th Irvine Park

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  1. sdol

    sdol Guest

    SoCal Ride OC July 18th Irvine Park Sat 2009

    The last ride was such a success that we are doing it again on
    July 18th Saturday, 2009
    Starting at Irvine Park in the city of Orange, Orange County.

    CLICK FOR MAP OF AREA,0.036135&z=14&iwloc=A
    Meeting at Johns restaurant on the S.W. corner of E. Chapman Ave and Jamboree Rd

    The "infamous" MotorbikeMike will be down from Sacramento for the
    big meet / ride on Sat July 18th with his lovely wife Diane and a few
    of his EZ motorbikes.

    This is your very big chance to meet Mike Simpson in the flesh as
    a lot of you including myself only know him by his very witty phone calls...

    There will be food and beverages planned to make it a full day.
    Let us know what you guys and girls want to do on the big day

    Please reply in this thread if you are going to show with or without a bike
    More info to be added later.......

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  2. Orange County, CA. RIDE!

    Hi all, Wifey and I will be in OC near Dizzyland from 12 july till the following Sunday. We would like to do visits and of course the Big Ride! I will get a chance to go see some Vendors, and wife's Mom is coming to visit from AZ.

    I am planning to bring my Honda EZ-Bike, her HS EZ-Bike, and my Model 08 Racer, now powered by an EZ-Bike drive system (this bike is the very first of the Racers, chopped repeatedly, and was once Whizzer Powered). Now in Black Primer, the bike looks pretty good, especially considering that the whole time I rode it before was in bare, rusting metal!

    If there was anything special someone wanted I might be able to bring some stuff.

    We look forward to meeting some of you-all.

  3. vintagebiker

    vintagebiker Guest

    I will show up there with my 1935 motor(ed)bike.
    What time at Johns restaurant?
  4. Timing

    Hi Vintagebiker, the current idea is to meet around 10am, tho maybe earlier might be a better plan, what time do you think might be good, and what time do you think might be good time for lunch?

    The plans are currently forming to try to make this work the best for everyone.

    Let us know,

  5. vintagebiker

    vintagebiker Guest

    BTDC (Timing)

    10 am sounds good to me.
    One thing to consider is, I don't think you can reserve spots at Irvine Park.
    If we want a picnic spot in the park the good ones get taken early.
    If there are plans to BBQ (or just eat lunch) we might need someone to go early to get a spot with a picnic table. It will be the middle of July so a spot under a big tree for shade would be nice.

    I'll throw this out here just for thought, I have a connection with the O.C. Parks Dept. at Laguna Niguel Park (near Laguna Hills, Ca.), we might actually be able to reserve a spot there.
  6. Fine-Tuning the ride

    Hi VB, well, your ideas sound good, maybe some of the organisers can chime in and help devise a plan? I'm clear up in Sacramento, and have never even been to either one of those parks, tho I lived in OC for a few years, some time back. I was an Office Products Technician for a couple of companies then, I'm thinking 1974-1979 or so. Wifey grew up there, but we moved so long ago.

  7. OC Ride

    hey do any of you-all that are going to the Ride play music? I might consider to bring a Guitar and possibly a Uke!


    HBLOCAL Guest

    The Big Ride

    Hey Mike nice to hear you are coming down I have heard a lot about you and look forward to meeting you .
    Myself and fellow bike builder Raully a.k.a. " Big boy" will be there we did the ride last week and had a blast we actually went up the Mojeska grade road on the way back and did not have any problems at all.

    We did have breakfast at Jon's in the morning it was great and very reasonable as far as the Irvine park it is very big and also has a lot of roads to ride on for those who would not like to try the ride on Santiago road.

    Also just for your info the ride is twelve miles one way again we did not have any problems along the way it does get very hot in the hills that is why we had breakfast early and did the ride early.
    maybe we can get " Big Boy " to sing!
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  9. Singing? and Riding?

    Hi HB nice to hear from you! A long time ago, in a different world I sold Raully a couple of kits I think? It will be good to see you guys!

    12 miles, if the grade is not too steep for the gearing sounds easy, at the Delta Whiz-In we did 90 mile ride in over 90 degrees weather (except for me and Jeannette (I think her names is), got lost, and it took us 99 miles to do the same trip! We roared out at about 9am, had lunch about 12 noon, and got back to camp about 2:30, with straggles as late as 3:15. The little Honda ran great, would have been nice if my chain had not let go at about 73 miles into the ride! That Hi-Stop coaster is useless with no chain!

    It was a good days ride, and has me convinced that we could do a LONG ride, and I think I'd like to do maybe 600 miles in 3 days, but I'll need to wait until we can get up some "Iron Butts" to come along, as it is much more fun (and safer) to ride in a group.

    In addition we always had "dead wagons" truck and trailer, and pickups, along behind for the "Victims of the Road" and sometimes they fill up quick!

    How far are we planning to go on this ride? I do not seem to know much about any of the details. It appears that my MetroPCS phone now works in most all that area except the park?

    I'll pm you my number.

  10. bobby-brazil

    bobby-brazil New Member

    i'd like to attend, don't know if bike will be back together for the event, as that i no longer have a pick up i don't think i'll ride it there, seeing i live in lakewood, it'd be a stretch but you never know- robert
  11. Wifey's Bike for the Ride

    Wifey's Bike, you didn't build one for your wife???

    Hi guys, know, now that we get about a million miles per gallon, and the bike can be started with a simple pull of the rope, Wifey is gonna want one herself?

    This was an old faded Candy Red Murray (circa 1980) that was out back in the "Wall of Shame" with other project bikes.

    I let her pick her color from a stunning array of rattle cans, and the saga begins! A quick detergent wash, quick sanding, and I begin to lay on color (I wish it was PPG from my new top-loader, but this time rattle can).

    Stuff about the little bike, geeze where do I start?

    OK wow, Pedal extenders and Exhaust manifold by Miles (swim engineering), Pipe is Brand X Motorbike X-pipe, with clamp and fishtail.

    Mount is brand Gr, if you are not careful the sideways adjusting slots on this type will cause your engine to be in crooked and throw chains and cause premature hair loss (from pulling it out in handfuls).

    Kit is standard, tranny cover was smashed in a shipping accident so I vynlaled it to match the accents on the bike. Engine cover painted black with Plastic paint. Briggs and Stratton fuel filter. Tank is NOS Grube silver from a Starfire kit.

    Tranny mount is a seat post clamp, allthread, and some nuts and lockwashers.

    Front fork is inexpensive new 1" MTB with center pulls, front wheel 26x1.75 tire Cheng shin 26x1.5 street slick. Bars and stem are stock Murray circa 1980. Levers are matching locking levers one type that we had supplied with kits.

    Rear wheel 24x2.125 type Goodyear type Cheng Shin blackwall, HD tubes, 8-ball 1950's style valve caps..

    Gearing 9x48x 24 Balloon, accelerates well pulls away from stop VERY easily, easier for Wifey to handle, and to manage the clutch, faster ratio than my bikes.

    Saddle is Velo webspring flamed with blue outline. Seatpost is Murray with a slice of modern post I welded to the top to fit modern saddle.

    Sprocket is "Lucky Seven" type, crank is old 20 bike forged steel American, Chain is KMC Chrome and needs to be either adjusted or cut again. Vintage White pedals are AMF 1960's vintage.

    Rear shorty fender is NOS 24" wald Front, cut. Wald brace. Rear reflector must be orig Murray equiptment because I did not move it.

    Center stand is Nuvo cast alloy, powder coated I've been selling these for years.

    If I missed anything please ask, BTW if it was not truly clear, apparently "Parts is Parts'?


    Hope you like it as much as she does.
    See you at the ride in OC on the 18th.

    Brand X engine kits are available from your local Dealers in many parts of the country.


    HBLOCAL Guest

    No Truck

    Give me a Call if your bike is done maybe we can figure out some way to get you there 714 536-3940
  13. Checkin it out!

    Hi all, well, a couple of us are going out tomorrow AM to scope out the ride path, and we can report the details here so that you attendees will of the be able to get a clear picture starts, stops, meals, fees for the Park, (if any).

    Anyway, more TOMORROW!

  14. A very nice park

    OK, the park is very nice, and there is a Zoo for 2.00 per person more, tho I did learn that they do not have any monkeys. For some this may be a problem BUT, I'm feeling sure that I can manage ina total lackof Monkeys.

    There is a little train, and rental Horses, Nice paved roads, and clearly marked where to ride and where to keep off.

    John and Raully have a ride planned out to Irvine Lake. Get here at 8am, to have Breakfast, or 9:am if you want to skip the breakfast.

    If you ride the bike into the park, there is no charge, if you drive in the weekend charge is 5.00.

    If you have any questions, you can call Russel at 949 467-1878, and you just might get what you want to hear?

  15. angrysamoan

    angrysamoan New Member

    I'll be rollin down there with a couple o' cats with MBs of their own. Lookin forward to the ride, espescially cuz my biker pals will give me **** for not ridin with them! Later
  16. NewRiders

    Hello! AngrySamoan! Bring all the guys and bikes you can! I'm bringing some stuff that maybe you-all have not seen before. Tires, centerstands, Big Carbs for the 2-strokes, and some other stuff.

    Look forward to seeing you there.

  17. bobby-brazil

    bobby-brazil New Member

    tried as i might i haven't finished shoe horning the engine into the frame :( however i did come up with an answer to that and other exciting questions. so today i will not be able to bring the bike but i will bring my daughter if i can get her up in time
  18. Morning comes early

    Hi, well apparently there are a lot of people coming who are reading and not posting so expect to meet quite a few people here.

    It looks like that breakfast will begin at 8:00, and parking is free at Chapman and Jamboree, with about a 1/4 mile drive to the park, or drive in and pay the 5 bucks to get the vehicle in.

    It's looking like 10-11 in the park, with a strong 24 mile ride in one direction that includes some grades,and assorted smaller casual buzzes all around a very nice neighborhood.

    You should easily find my Orange and Yellow Chevy camper van in the park. ask for Russel if you get lost or need more info.

    Should be breaking up around 4 we think but who knows?

    bobby, you should be able to get her up ok?

  19. so cal ride

    Thanks to everyone that made it to the ride on on the 18th. I sure had fun on the ride and at the meet and greet in the park. It was nice to meet new people.I would like to thank Bobby-Brazil for follwing us in his car it was nice to know he and his girl where behind us.And to the guy riding the dax motorized bike thanks for putting me in your prayers. Sorry i do not remember your name.
    Thanks Raully Russell (aka) big boy:jester:
  20. bobby-brazil

    bobby-brazil New Member

    yeah i thought it was pretty cool, it would've been nice to have had the bike up and running but i thought it should be tested before i brought it out, most of the ride was kept around 20+ miles an hour due to technical difficulties, but according to my dash board the guys hit 40 mph once (going down hill), my daughter thought cooks corner was interesting. the only bad thing about the trip is that raulley and hb local had these felt bikes that were so cool, so on monday after the ride i went to jones' bikes on 2nd st in long beach to only find out they no longer carry felt bikes, so it looks like i'll have to drive to huntington beach and find one over there. these bike are so cool in person they look like factory bikes, i didn't talk to everyone there at the park, but there was one bike i wanted to take the time to mention, the owner i believe was from australia and had a pretty cool bike the tank was hand formed and the tires were schwalbes, but what i liked most about this bike were the little touches that i figure 99% of people never see, were all of the welded brackets, like the chain tensioner, but there were alot of that type of touches on his bike that probably goes unnoticed nice job, i'm running out of space so thumbs up to all who made it