SOFTWARE CHANGE: 7/28/07 @ 10:00AM

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tom, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Just to let everyone know, we will be doing the software change on the morning of Saturday, July 28th. The board should be down for no more than 15-45 minutes while this is going on.

    All posts and users will be transferred to the new board.

    Just giving everyone a heads up. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Are you at GMT -6.00 Central Time?

    I am trying to work out if I'll be on-line or asleep! (their is no other state :grin: )

    May help other international members also.

    If I can't get on the site I will start to pull the network apart to find out why :???: so the correct time will avoid this. :D

    Can't wait!
  3. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    omg, Harry Putterin' and the Cyclist of Doom mania, as the countdown begins.

    Good thing I haven't ever worn a watch... 8)
  4. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    tom: are we able to put up a temporary page that says: changing software, please stand by. ???
  5. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Yes. We will have a temporary page up.

    The switch will occour at 10:00am Pacific time (San Francisco, California time)
  6. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    Today's the day!!!

    change is good!!
  7. T minus 2 hours and 39 minutes......
  8. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I am not sure if az time is the same
    can someone on pacific time message me?
  9. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    I hope you guys like this new software!!!!
  10. locoWelder

    locoWelder Guest

    you guys did a great job! keep up the good work for our growing community!:rolleyes:
  11. azvinnie

    azvinnie Guest

    looks alittle different, but very kewl. im sure glad it went well, and im sure all the little bugs will work themselve out, good job guys:cool:
  12. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Thanks! I guess you guys noticed that the avatars didnt stay put.
  13. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    minor detail, considering what is still here
    I am sure everyone will get up to speed quickly
  14. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    One big problem is that any link refering to a specific thread from the old forum doesn't work anymore. I am not sure how to fix that.
  15. some forum posts have really bizarre fonts that are messing with my eyes.

    a huge departure from the old forum setup but I'm sure I'll get used to it, or stop coming here, one or the other.
  16. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    well, thanks for that...just what i like to see on monday morning. we're dancing as fast as we can...

    oh boy...i'm gonna need more coffee & tobacco this morning...sorry if i seem a bit touchy, but i am at the moment.
  17. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    You mean like locowelder's posts? lol :D
  18. ok I wrote that before my coffee, and since I gave up tobacco I'm just a miserable ******* all the time(I work in a bank call center).

    I will never stop coming here! Even in the wintertime when it's too frickin cold to ride I may reduce my activity, but I will never stop. the giant frickin purple font was really affecting my mood (negatively:eek:)
  19. Tom

    Tom Active Member