Solar powered



Well the trickle charger finally came in I now have the only solar powered /gas bike in the state :D it is a 12 vt. trickle charger for the 12 vt battery that I use to run my head lights and am toying with the idea for putting a small starter on the bike if I can figure out how to do it :LOL: for those cold days that motor is hard to start with my messed up knees it can be painful at times.

I put the solar panel on my school boy rack and the panel is just the right size to fit the rack (it looks like they where made for each other). Other than a small blinking blue light you would not notice the panel on the bike.

Cookie - what does the solar power run on your bike? Does the energy just go to a battery that powers your lights, or is it more than that?

I was thinking it would be a cool idea to have a gas/electric hybrid bicycle...but for that I'd need two motors, and not only that but ones that would work in conjunction with each other. :???:

I use the solar power trickle charge to keep my battery charged for my lights right now ...I want to put some glitz on he bike also a radio and maybe some colored mood lights to use at night .. With the set up I have now I can run at 30 mph at night and not get any rude surprise like I did with the bike light that ran off d cell batteries. I imagen an electric bike could use the solar cell unit also but you may have to modifie the charger a little.

Instead of Solar........Go to...........

Build a full wave rectifier and Zener to charge batteries and run lights and things. Since the white wire is Generator, you should be able to build a DC charger off of that and save the Solar Cell array.
Exactly how does one go about making the full wave rectifier with the zenon force field that keeps the battery all charged up?

Any schematic or off the shelf items?

Regards, scottco
couldn't you also use the little generators that you can get with the light set? the generator that has a little wheel that rolls against the wheel...

bike generator

I first tried one of those "light kits" that came with the generator and for what I wanted it just did not work if I was running the motor I had the same "OH SH**" problem about seeing at night the pot holes around here are deep the one I hit felt like it had an old VW bug in it :) I still had to straighten my wheel the next day.

Cookie that sounds awesome. I am putting an electric 48V hub motor on my bike and was just talking to Blaze (another member on here and my partner in crime) about adding solar panels to recharge the batteries for our rides . . .

You have a link where you got that solar panl or did you buy it locally?

I saw some at Kragen auto parts and they had a few different sizes . . .