SOLD!!!!!! 40cc Tanaka

Hey guys, I'm packing it in with motorized bicycles and am looking to sell my Tanaka 40 with hi-po carburetor and expansion chamber. I'm going to scooters because my job just isn't affording me the time to play like I used to so must clear out some toys. The kit, stock, currently sells for 629 bucks, the hi-po package sells for 280 bucks. Make me a reasonable offer or even an unreasonable one. Three new belts included, a 13 and 14 tooth drive gear, new drive ring... may consider parting out but would rather sell as package. Also up for sale or trade is a Kings 80 (68cc), bushings, not rollerpins barely broken in, runs strong. If interested, make an offer. Thanks, Jim
Sold!!!!40cc Tanaka

to Sabrewalt, recipient of an excellent deal. Thanks all for your interest but this baby now belongs to Walt. :cool: