[SOLD] Bad Bob up for sale

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Zomby Builder, Apr 6, 2010.

  1. Here is the King of Beach Cruisers up for sale. I've had my fun with it. Somebody's gonna get a great Bike. Firm at $750.00. Less than you could build it for. I don't want to ship it so come to San Diego & ride it home. I'll guarantee you make it home within 400 miles, or I'll come get your dead cactus off the road.... I would consider parting the wheel set for $500.00 Internal Nexus 7 speed rear with Hydro disk brake, front with hydro disk too.




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  2. SubCom

    SubCom New Member

    If somebody wants the rims I will take the rest.
  3. Tanaka40

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    hey Zomby Builder, That's one sweet ride !!!! Two thumbs up !!
  4. Price is 600 now. I am considering parting it out. Shame to take it apart though........
  5. SOLD

    Got a good home in Oceanside... See you on the Strand....
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