[SOLD] For sale Gebe parts

I have two semi complete GEBE kits for sale. Let me explain the semi part first. The two kits that I have were originally a 40cc Tanaka kit AND a 26cc tanka kit. I'm keeping the 40cc tanaka engine which I will use on a different kit. The parts from the two combined kits are--------Tanaka 26cc engine and the smaller clutch housing, bigger clutch housing for the bigger tanaka and other big clutch engines , one engine mount, another engine mount that has been butchered:oops: for frame monting instead of axel mounting, two HTD driven rings[one is on the heavy duty rear wheel] and install tool, three HTD drive gears [2 12tooth & a 14tooth highway gear]. One heavy duty 105g[12 gauge] velocity rear wheel with solid axel, two throttle assy's,two kill wires and push button switches. One brand new drive belt ,two used drive belts. And one new idler spring. The original front straps broke and are not included also the idler springs are broken. I will include the heavier front strap that I made for my MTB. The 26cc Tanaka engine has not been used much. Also the 26 cc tanaka is cold natured and does not and never has started on the first or second or?? pull but once its warmed up it runs like a champ.Considering that a new Tanaka powered kit goes for $500 to 600+ I will take $350.00 plus shipping for everthing [bike not included:cool:]
PM me if interested
it sounds like enough to make a full kit with a 26cc tanaka and have some extra parts. Is that correct?
Gebe Parts Sold

My GEBE Parts were snapped up quicker than I thought.
Thanks for looking:)