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    You guys that already have yours probably havent noticed but its hard to get a rack mount right now. Seems everyone Ive talked to are back logged for up to 2 months. I wish I woulda thought of this sooner because I live in Alaska and by the time I get my rack mount fall will be well under way with 40-50 degree temps. Looks like 4 bucks a gallon was enough to motivate a lot of americans into thinking about other modes of transportation.

    I had no idea there was even a market for these. I came acrossed some front mount friction drives about 18 years ago at a garage sale. Bought em both on the cheap. They had rubber contact wheels tho and they wore out in about 100 miles and that was that. The company had been out of business for over a decade by that point and Im not a fabrication kinda guy.

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    hi big; where in ak.? if anch., get hold of ben the owner of coastal rentals at the milenium hotel by the airport. hes my kids old man. my kid is melissa mitchell, she has a hot band.
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    Well yeah if anything you're lucky you can get one at all even with a two month wait. I'm surprised most of the vendors aren't jacking up their prices like everywhere else for EVERYTHING.
    *pats the original MB crowd on the back for being ahead of the curve
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    BigDaddyT -- wooo I am sorry to hear that the dealers are sold out -- guess that I bought mine just in time -- a month or so back - friction drive unit.. Not sure if you are looking for friction or chain drive ?? I have already been thinking about buying a second engine and another bike.. Maybe not for a while after hearing this news.. Now I am riding a mountain MB but thinking about a more laid back ride.. I am sure that you tried Station - correct ? Mountainman
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    Sold out?
    You want a rack mount friction drive?

    Staton seems to have plenty of them

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    Havent been in the band scene in a long time but Ill keep my eyes out for her.
    I live in Eagle River Alaska which is sort of a suburb of Anchorage about 13 miles to the north.

    I have spoke to Gebe and Im fairly certain im going with one of their kits. I spoke to them on the phone the day before they shut orders down but I was gonna surf a bit and double check all the infoz to make sure the kit was right for me. Chain would be the only other thing I would possibly look at. I called Duane at dax because I was considering getting two kits to try out the two different methods but he is backed up or sold out too. I had a poorly designed friction mount when I was a kid and it left a bad taste in my mouth.

    For some reason stanton wasnt popping up on my searches and I was already convinced to give belt drive a try first. Kerfs dual shifter sounds like a pretty cool mod tho. That would be very interesting to me for a high powered off road mountain climber. Go with some crazy hill climber gear. There are some areas for berry picking that I dont go to here because its just too far to walk in. 7 miles and a 2500ft vertical feet climb a long ways to go. I could load up if I had a mountain climber. Blueberrys the size of quarters.
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    How tough would it be to change a friction drive over to a gebe kit? How much does a gebe kit cost sans the engine? How much does a staton kit cost sans the engine?
    I cant really find numbers on their website. At least not that clearly state this is the kit and you can mount your engine on it. Ill keep looking.
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    Thank you augidog. I reckon thats why they make the search feature. :p

    I had intended to pick up a subaru 35 and also a tanaka 40 so I bought the friction mount subaru off ebay, thanks for the link. When gebe reopens ordering ill pick up a w/o engine kit for the 35, unless for some reason friction drive doesnt suck as much as I remember it sucking, and order a tanaka 40 kit. Im mainly a road rider but the terrain here is fairly hilly. Fricken 32 years old and I have arthritis in my hands from bmxing when I was a kid. They are fine unless I bicycle on uneven terrain.
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    OK so you meant that you can't buy a gebe Kit

    This kit looks just like a gebe but its from Oz
    31cc 4 stroke motor
    Can get it air shipped to the US in 7 days for $650 AU Total which is a little more than US dollars

    How about this kit from down under?

    They say they have an Australian patent.
    Anyone know anything about this kit?
    Have any of our Aussie users bought this kit?

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    I saw that kit. Unkown engine and shipping to ak is usually 50-100 dollars more than the lower 48 states. The shipping would probably be 250+ to get that baby to my front door. Seemed like a lot of money to spend on an engine that I have no idea the quality of. Because it was 450 dollars I assumed it was a lower duty cycle engine, i.e. not ci 600 hour rated engine. Say something broke and I needed a part and it wasnt interchangeable with american I would pay 20 for the part and 100 for shipping. So then I would basically need to swap in all american parts. In which case I shoulda just waited for a gebe.