[SOLD] Tanaka PF-4000 engine at bargain Price

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by willy79, Jun 21, 2012.

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    Tanaka Pure Fire PF-4000 Engine, 39.8 cc 2.2 hp two cycle engine. Uses 50:1 oil ratio. This is a great new engine. I purchased it new on a Staton friction drive with a 1 1/8 diameter drive wheel. I used it for about ½ hour and approximately ½ tank of gas. It has lots of power (will cruise at 18-19 mph at ¼ throttle), is very smooth and is easy to start. The only problem I have is that it is more noisy than my 4 cycle Honda GX 35 engine. I guess that I am spoiled by the quiet operation for the Honda. Since most of my use is in residential neighborhoods the noise level is important to me. I have priced the engine for quick sale so that I can replace it with another Honda GX 35. The price for this engine at Staton-Inc. com is $349.00. I will sell this motor for $200.00 and I will pay for the shipping within the USA. This is a great buy if you want a good powerful engine and don't mind the higher pitch sound that the two cycle engines make.

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    I'l take it. PM inbound.
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    The Tanaka engine has been sold.
    Thank you for looking