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  1. jesse8931

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    my great grandma has a solex with a tiny motor on it. ive ridden it a few times and its quite fast. when did they start to make solex bikes i have no idea how old it is but i do know she has a electric bike from 1923 it was bought new by my great great grandfather we dont know what brand it is but it still runs

  2. stude13

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    the solex is french i believe. but you could google solex. please send pics of both. mitch
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    Velosolex come in various makes and models - there are also customised ones and some total nutcase who reckons on 45mph from one he has converted to run on nitro (take with a huuuge pinch of salt)

    The first ones were built in 1946 and since then they have been made for the majority of their life in France - although there are other countries that took on the licence (Hungary was one from memory)

    To my knowledge there are still people making both an IC and electric solex at the current time - using I think the 4500/3800 component sets and frames etc..

    Jemma xx
  4. Esteban

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    Yep, pretty neat rides. Search " Solex " && for the newer ones, search " Velosolex."
  5. jesse8931

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    if i go out to her house sometime this week ill take pic's
  6. Mountainman

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    jesse -- might be a smart thing to do -- offer grandma some money -- or work in the yard -- for that Solex. Had my eye on something like this at a family members house once -- a stranger slipped in and bought it for a small price. If you like it -- why not buy or trade for it -- if available.. Happy Riding from - Mountainman
  7. jesse8931

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    well she rides it every day to my aunts bakery and i do want another thing she owns and she knows i do so i will get it eventually btw she tuns 80 in a month
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    I am sorry -- wouldn't want to take the little ladies MB !!! I didn't realize that she was A RIDING LADY.. That's very cool.. I wonder if your grandma would wear one of those shirts to the left -- ?? Happy Riding from - Mountainman

    PS -- Maybe you can post a picture of your grandmother on her MB ??????
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  9. jesse8931

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    she might wear one lol i might be able to get a pic sometime this week she lives kinda far
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    Sorry to reply to an old post, but I just wanted to say I love my S4600 Velosolex. Gets me around town and is pretty quite. Cops dont mess with you much as it looks like a bike with a small generator on the front. Hard as **** to find parts for though as the 4600 was much rarer than a S3800.