Solid Roller Lubrication for Bicycle Chains

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Fabian, Mar 5, 2010.

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    Sounds good. I hate it when my car smells like chain lube from hauling the mountain bike. I have used veggie based oil but it attracts a lot of dirt.
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    Bicycle shops already sell dry (or "wax") lube. Mostly it is intended for off-road/MTB use. Pedro's Dry Lube is one common brand, there are a bunch of others. Any good "real" bike shop that sells MTBs will probably have at least one brand on hand.

    Fact: the dry lube does not lubricate as well as liquid lube. There's no doubt about that. The dry lube that the linked page is talking about is not applied out of a bottle, but it would have much of the same results.

    The flip-side to that is that the dry lube does not attract dust as well either, which is very important, especially if you are riding in very dusty conditions. A chain lubed with wet oil will quickly become totally caked with dust, which flakes off taking the oil with it, leaving you with a totally-dry but basically-un-lubed chain.

    Another point about using dry lubes all the time is that they do not prevent the chain from rust. That is the reason they are mostly used in very dry/desert conditions. Under those circumstances, there's not a lot of rusting to worry about anyway, as there's very low humidity.
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    How about graphite based Never Sieze in brush applicator form.Been using a while and seems to work well.
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    But one molecule of never seize turns into a black smeared mess if I am within a 10 yard radius of it.
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    Fact get never sieze on your hands it is hard to get off .What do you think about your chain want it to come off that easy?
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    Spraying the chain with silicone or teflon based lube whenever it seems dry works well. Just put a rag on the back side w/one hand of the chain and spray it on the front side and move the chain as you go chains lubed. Takes 5 min tops.