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Discussion in 'Bicycle Repair' started by mark2yahu, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. mark2yahu

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    I went to the website

    Has anyone here ever ridden on these solid urethane tires?

    They could save you from having to change your rear tire with a bike engine mounted in back. But how do they ride, I wonder?:confused:

  2. crazeehorse

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  3. crazeehorse

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    i have been considering these, i hate having flats on my bike, the price is not bad . i mostly wonder about the ride.
  4. sparky

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    I read that they don't grip that well in wet weather, and they're also too low profile for a MB.

    I'm happy with kevlar tires and liners on both sides of any tube (spoke and tire sides). I'll be very surprised when I get a flat.
  5. mark2yahu

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    Sparky, not only wet weather, but I wonder if these solid tires harden or get brittle when the temperature gets nearer to zero F. I tried to order one at the website, but it seems I have to find a local dealer. Crazeehorse, I'm thinking of just putting it on my rear wheel, 'cause it's the one that has the motor and the derailleur hooked up to it. Less worry, less stuff to go wrong :) I'm planning on a MB trip to Death Valley, and there, you want dependable equipment with you!
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    I just rode near my old high school, which was abandoned so that two private schools could join together, right in the middle of the two original locations.

    Anyway, more than half the windows were busted out, everything was torn up, there were books and staples and upside down desks everywhere! Since the doors on both sides of the main hallway were wide open, I decided I'd just ride on thru to get to the gym and see how much stuff was torn up over there. Now, I get a couple feet in the hallway, and I see glass ALL OVER the floor. That's where most people would have turned around, but not me!! I was expecting the glass to only be in certain spots of the hall, but when it started... it didn't stop until the doorway at the other end!!! I was revving my MB up without a care in the world.

    Just crazy that my old school is so deserted like that, and I could ride it with an engine thru it. Not many people get to ride a MB thru their [old] HS... especially when there was broken glass from one end of the hall to the next, and staples and other **** spread all throughout. It was a really crazy experience for me, tho.
  7. HI Sparky,

    Be careful when doing all that....If a piece of glass or a nail gets embedded into the tire and then flings out at you at speed....well...might hurt a little.


    PS - I was weed eating at Mc Donalds one day and hit a piece of glass hidden in the grass...felt a sharp pain on my shin then saw a piece of glass fling out into the the time I looked down my pants leg was tires don't spin as fast but could still hurt....Just a thought ;-)
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    Airless tires are not a good Idea per my experience in Bike repairs. The tire transmits shock to the wheel and frame differently and makes for some problems. We saw a lot of wheel and frame breaking that seemed to happen from the harder heavier tires that did not absorb shock so well. Slime in a Thorn Resistant tube is a way better solution to flats. Also there are some stronger tires with Kevlar lining that helps reduce cuts and punctures.
  9. mark2yahu

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    Vibration/shock is something to consider when using a solid tire, then. Lenny, thanks for the info :)