Solowheel - self-balanced unicycle

Discussion in 'Video Gallery' started by Samdallas214, Feb 6, 2013.

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  2. Tanstaafl

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    LOL. With my balance problems, I would screw that thing up in a heartbeat.
  3. Anton

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    That's pretty funny. It's like a segway with one wheel!
  4. V 35

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    The powered monowheel is an old idea, cool now as it was back than. Good to see such a beauty, chrome small engine was classy,
    and almost timeless, with a stretch it could have been ' worlds first ' circia 1930's ? I remember a guy trying to market a gravity powered
    ' Zeke Wheel ' to ski slopes for summer fun . Light enough to go on a ski lift, fast enough to scare anyone . The insurance companies said ! NO !, and that was that. Seems to me the concept could be child proof enough to satisfy anyone, all it needs are some roll bars, padding,
    and some landing gear wheels. Thanks for sharing that. The concept was also tested on a small farm tractor, giant cast iron wheel was a frightening sight, never caught on, but talk about torque !