solution for leaking carb.


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12:23 PM
Jun 4, 2008
my carb was leaking sometimes worse than others. i took the carb apart. i removed the float, fulcrum ,needle, & seat/ fuel inlet. look at the carb upside down.look where the inlet/seat thead into the carb body (where the needle enters the seat shaft). mine had a bur sticking up, (due to the casting of the carb body), preventing the fulcrum arms from pushing the needle up far enough to seat . (solution), take a large drill bit (example 3/8"), & hold the carb upright , over your head (wear saftey goggles) so you can see, & keep from cetting shavings in the carb. drill just enough to wear the bur down, about 1/16 of an inch. the large bit will only cut the outside, & not mess the threads up. then clean it up, with some fine sand paper, & either soak it in some cleaner, or blow it out with air. mine was pouring out before , i tried every thing, then i thought of how rough the casting was inside the bowl, & what could keep it from seating. after the repair, tight as a drum. after 3 months not a bit of gas on my carb. life is good! i thought this might help others as well.
i'm talking about the needle & seat, not the throttle needle, i think thats what you mean the one,with the c clip & 4 slots, the idle adjustment raises that one slightly. the needle & seat stops the flow of gas into the carb bowl.the problem was that my needle could not seat , so my bowl filled, till it ran out the primer rod hole.the idle adjustment had no effect on this problem.