Some basic install questions



is the chain tensioner reliable?

Just wondering if anyone has had any problems with it. That plastic roller looks pretty cheap! The last think I want to happen is to be 50 miles away from home and have it fall apart on me.


Does the rear sprocket have to be perfectly true?

When I spin the rear wheel, it looks just slightly off. I rode about 30 miles so far without a problem. However, i notice the chain slightly vibrates left and right, because it isn't perfectly true. I spent hours trying to make it perfect, but can't seem to do it. Will I have any problems running it like this?
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simonator, if you're gonna post a series of basic questions, keep it all in this one topic.

also, you should know that those questions have been asked and answered many times...doing a bit of reading and searching will prolly do more good than starting a bunch of new topics.

but, if you do find yourself needing to ask some stuff, please just do it in this ONE existing thread.


You want it as close as possible. Mine isn't perfectly true, but neither is my wheel. Keep tightening the high spot nut until you get it as close as you can, without over tightening. I have been riding my bike pretty hard for the past two months with the only issue in regards to the chain and sprokets being my master link, it was hanging on by a thread. Hope this helps. As far as the wheel tensioner, there is a post somewhere about swapping the plastic wheel out for a rollerblade/skateboard wheel that has been turned to put a big slot/groove in it to replicate the plastic wheel. I have done this and it is nice! Use the search feature and you will find it.


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i have 6,000 miles on the original roller. the left-to-right may be a problem, if its bad enough. as purely a guess, spokes may start to loosen. i dont know that as fact, though. forget i called. bye. haha