Some bicycles picked up from Freecycle ad

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  1. jacks_bike

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    Picked these up from placing a freecycle ad. THe 2 on the ground are Schwinn frames. Girls Huffy, a 21 speed orange bike and a roadmaster. Looks like some good parts to play with here.

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  2. a/c man

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    Nice score. They look in pretty good shape.
    What's a freecycle ad ?

    I fix all the neighborhood kids bikes for free where I live and wish I could get hold of some decent bikes to fix up or use for parts.

    All I really expect from them is a sincere thank-you and the promise that they will take care of them from here on out, and not leave them outside to get stolen or rusted...mostly stolen around here. No ghost riding either.

    The best stuff is free stuff.
    Enjoy your find,

  3. srdavo

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  4. jacks_bike

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    The schwinn looks pretty sleek. That one you have pictured is pretty cool - old school bike. That orange one is a mongoose - all thats missing is pedals - looks like is real decent shape. The girls bike had a bigger seat so swapped it out tonight and looks pretty cool on the bike I'm still working on. Now I'm thinking bout selling the 1st one I just made and buy a kit for the mongoose 21 speed. - Even the blue girls huffy has me thinkin.... looks like a kit will fit on that one too.... looks like its gonna be an interesting Winter. - 2 have aluminum handlebars....