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    Hey guys I’m looking to build a cheap motorized bike to get around my town since I can’t afford a car. I’m a college student who lives in northern Michigan and I can’t find any place to buy a moped, so this I my only option. I like the idea of motorizing a bike, I’m just concerned about tweaking everything so that it works. I don’t have a lot of tool or options for customizing things so I would like to make sure the build that I attempt will be a trouble free as possible, especially since this will be my first build.

    Right now I have a Next Avalon bike, but I think I would just like to keep it as a regular bike and buy a cheap bike dedicated to motorizing. Basically that means what Walmart offers. Here’s a list of the bikes I’m considering:

    <a href="">Huffy Nel Lusso</a>
    <a href="">Huffy Panama Jack</a>
    <a href="">Schwinn Clairmont</a>
    <a href="">Huffy Cranbrook</a>
    <a href="">Schwinn Point Beach</a>
    <a href="">Schwinn Delmar</a>

    I’m leaning towards the Huffy Nel Lusso as far as looks go and I need a basket rack (granted I could buy one) but I had a hard time finding builds that people have done. I’m also strongly considering the Huffy Cranbrook (mostly because I’m poor), but I’m wondering if that too cheaply built of a bike to motorize? Am I better off spending the extra doe on something like a Schwinn point beach or Clairmont?

    Motor wise I am very confused. People on here throw around all kinds of acronyms when they are referring to motors and brands and I have only been able to decipher some of it. So far I have mostly been looking on and I like the look of <a href="">this</a> motor and it seems to be pretty well reviewed. Should I get the upgraded carburetor and the universal mount with this or any of the other engines they offer? How loud are these motors? When I think 2-stroke I think weedeater. Am I gonna be louder than a dirtbike going down the road? Are there any 2-stroke setups that aren’t super loud?

    I didn’t plan on writing so much but I didn’t just want to make a “hey what’s the easiest/most trouble free build?” post. Any suggestions or insight would be most appreciated, especially on motors.

    EDIT: Err... why don't my links work? I hope things aren't too confusing now...

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    Here you go. Looks like all will accept a HT. You will need to make a modified front mount. Among other mods.

    These are the things that I do, I see that others such as the seals (which I've never had one go bad) mentioned. All these mods or replacements are most likely less then $50.00. Choose what works for you, ignore the rest, but here you have them.

    1. Unpack engine
    2. Check for any missing parts
    3. Remove head
    4. Mill head (flat glass and 230 (or finer) grit sand paper. Rub gasket surface to insure it is flat. Check the cylinder also.
    5. Tap cylinder stud holes to insure they are taped to the bottom.
    6. Discard all studs and nuts.
    7. Replace studs with Metric 8.8 (US Grade 5) Replace nuts with locking nuts. 8mm studs are either 1.0 or 1.25 thread, 6mm studs are 1.0 thread. 8mmX1.0 is not common, but I have 1 engine with them.
    8. Replace spark plug with a NGK or the like.

    9. Replace spark plug wire and boot (check with lawnmower supply) or rob from old lawnmower. Use wire core lead.
    10. Mount the engine properly, no gaps between the bike tubes and engine mounts. Mounting/
    11. Torque 8mm to 150 to 200 INCH POUNDS
    12. Torque 6mm to 60-70 INCH POUNDS
    13. I install cylinder studs with lock tite, and let set overnight
    14. I coat the head gasket with Copper Kote
    15. May need to bend exhaust pipe for crank or frame clearance. Recommend using heat.
    16. Remove or cap magneto white wire off.
    17. Re solder blue wire on magneto.
    18. Make sure all wires have a good connection and use tape or better yet heat shrink.
    19. Hook up kill wires AFTER you get engine running.
    20. Try not to drill holes in the bike frame.
    21. Do away with the clutch cable routing; there are a number of options. Mods/
    If you want to make yourself, PM me and I’ll give you a material list.
    22. On my kit the rag joint had gauge (Metric) 8.8 bolts, If not replace them. I replaced the nuts with lock nuts.
    23. I sealed the wires coming from the magneto out of the engine with RTV.
    24. Place a “O” ring in the carburetor throat.
    25. Some say replace the axle with a better one. Never had a axle bend on me.
    26. For coaster brakes…Some say trim the cap, but I don't like it. or a file of sorts can be used.
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    i have the same bike the huffy cranbrook from wallmart and i used the T that came with my engine kit from dax to mount the engine on the front. looking at your picture the mount you have on there looks much more secure. did you buy that mount or did you have to piece it together? also one of the studs on the back of my engine broke and i would like to replace it with a better material one like the one you list here but the home depot does not carry it they only have very few metric studs which i find kind of hard to believe, so where did you buy your studs? thanks for any help in advance.
  4. Al.Fisherman

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    The mount is a custom made, by myself.
  5. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Ace hardware or other specialty stores carry higher strength
    6 mm 1.0 bolts that you can replace the mounting studs with.

    Home depots around here have very few metric fasteners.