Some New Additions to the Schwinn!

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  1. Ok so after the rear coaster brake hub failed (drive side spoke flange seperated from hub) on me I never quite trusted its direct replacement. After realizing that the HD hub BGF sent me was useless ($50 wasted) I ordered the one from w/o freewheel. I also ordered a set of heavy duty wheels front w/ sturmey hub and rear I rebuilt w/ Hd axle kit. The hd hub requires a dish on the drive side so I centered it to the frame. It also includes a band brake (sorta the opposite of a drum). And last but not least I bought the monarch replica forks. The forks are by no means a bolt on addition to the schwinn.
    There is no race on the bottom of the steering tube for the lower crown race to press on to, so the crown race id is too large and supposedly none avail. The steering tube is too long and not threaded far down enough for my frame.
    The pivots come shimmed on the inside for like a 3 1/2" wide hub or ?.
    So anyway it's not quite done; more work tomorrow. But it's lookin' so nice I had to post some pics!
    Oh yea that's a moped tank I'm workin' on!:ph34r:

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  2. srdavo

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    good looking bike!!!

    check with your friendly, local bicycle shop... they may have a lower race.
    if the size here....somebody will likely have one or know where to find one.

    the LBS should be able to add more threads to your steer tube.
  3. sweet looking ride for sure. very unique styling.
  4. wheelbender6

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    The band brake looks great. Its been a while since I've seen one.
  5. h0tr0d

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    Nice bike! Looks good all black.
  6. graucho

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    Great Mods and great job. Looks safe, solid yet sleek. A keeper in my book!
  7. Thanks guys!

    these forks sure are a lot of work. They work well once you get'em worked out; they're all out of alignment and set up funky from the factory (or at least mine were). They're very pretty though!
  8. SalisCruiser

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    i love the styling of your bike, nice work!
  9. It really rides nice, I sped through a radar trailer and got a green 27 mph w/ a little throttle left. Its a raw 50cc pretty stock and still seems to be getting more powerful!