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    ... with the understanding that I am a rank amature here. This is more for my edification than anything else, so PLEASE feel free to jump in and correct me where I have it wrong.
    I hear the term "Rat Bike", and I infer from postings that this is what the military refers to as "Field expediant"... ie, that which can be thrown together with avaliable materials and talents. I don't think cost can be the bottom line here, as my Cranbrick with HT motor is probably cheaper than most "Rat Rod Bikes" yet is a much more asthetically pleasing device (IMHO). There seems to be an undercurrent among the ratters that ingeniouse use of recycled materials is very prized. Some of their offerings are way beyond clever even if (or often enough, BECAUSE) they are a bit rough around the edges.
    BTR of course is a broad spectrum that can go all-out towards authenticity (to the point that the use of authentic controls might cause difficulties to some) to something that stylistically pays homage to another era with all the modern conveniances and everything in between. Just my .02- the custom tanks installed into the odd triangle of a Beach Cruiser (is that what they call a cantilever frame?) like the Cranbrick, while very pleasing to the eye does not really look BTR to me- more "Steampunk" I think... yes/no? If my Cranbrick were a sturdier bike, I would do one with the glass fuel filter, the sight glass fuel gauge and the copper fuel line routine, go all out on the paint and panniers etc.- but I wouldn't call it a BTR and I will reserve that treatment & title for a Worksman once I get such a thing..
    Then there are the all-out custom types that seem to be a world unto themselves- talent and effort beyond my meager skills (and paycheck) at least. Among these types I see wonderfull ideas, some I might even try to copy with a little luck but generally have to limit myself to drooling at the pics.
    Then there are the speed demons, the technotypes and the commuters- all very Bauhaus about what they are doing in their respective directions. Here it is all about results with the occasional nod towards asthetics and the results have a frugal beauty in their own right.
    I am currently thinking in terms of an Ebike, and the education I am recieving from that quarter is amazing to say the least. Really, my initial quest into these things was all about a CHEAP COMMUTER VEHICLE, I really wasn't looking for another Internet group to chat with... there really isn't a 12 step program for this, is there...?
    "Hi there, my name is Greg and I'm a Motorbikeaholic,"
    Sotto voice unison response from the room, "Hi Greg,"
    One thing I do pick up on- if this is a hobby, a sport, transportaion, a livelyhood it doesn't seem to matter- IT IS FUN!!! Everybody in this shindig is enthusiastic about what they are doing and it shows. The guys who are squeezing the last omph of speed out of these tiny engines is having as much fun as the guys who simply wanted to see if they could make the silly thing work! I've gotten a lot of good advice and help from here and I get a great deal of good feedback from my local over the bike I've motorized... all because I resented gas going up another notch. I feel as though I've declaired war on big oil and am winning... but enough of that.
    If nothing else, I hope this ramble was entertaining...
    the Old Sgt.

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    By golly, I think he's got it. :grin5: That's it exactly......every one is doing what is pleasing to his or her desires. Every one has their own definitions, and it causes disagreements occasionally, but it doesn't matter, cause we're having fun.

    Forget the 12 steps......doesn't work.
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    There are only two "cures" - abstinence, or physical inability.

    That last one really isn't a "cure", it is more a motivator to figure out how to "make it work" within the limitations - I know.
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    ... and if abstainance could've ever worked for me I would never have paid a nickle of child support... so there you are, ther IS no cure...:jester: