some past and current builds (Electric)

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    My first post after introducing myself. Seems like pics worked in that thread so I'll try some here. Most of these are bikes built over the last 3-4 years and are often being upgraded, re-built, re-imagined, etc. I rarely take ongoing pics as bikes evolve over time due to weather, blowouts, fried motors, etc...

    Some pics may be of the bike before power-ups. The shots of the all black ride are of one I JUST finished for a guy who is paying quite well for it. It's really fast and even scares ME a little.

    As for gas bikes, I'm still tinkering with those and have a lot to learn.

    (It's also fun to try spotting the little doggie!)

    Spec1.jpg 007.jpg 035.jpg Shakedown 007.jpg nashE-b 002.jpg nashE-b 010.jpg nashE-b 015.jpg

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    Clean tidy builds.
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    What size motors ? batteries ? enquiring mindless want to know
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    Looking at those Magpie motors makes me a bit, uh, dizzy.
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    The Specialized is just a 600w Wilderness kit. I've used probably a half dozen of those on various projects, with varying results. The black hub-motors are 800w from a couple CA based sites on ebay. Decent pricing but require some creative wiring connections. All my batts are 3 x 12v 20AH. I'm experimenting with wiring together 12AH batts, (cheaper and easier to find) but they don't seem to like handling the load. Not done with trying it on lower watt motors though.

    I'd like to try stepping up to 48v sometime, but WOW those batteries are high. And truth is, I'm not sure how much faster these things really need to go. My better ones hold 27-28mph, which is pretty fast on bikes with this sort of weight distribution. (Too fast in some cases)