Some people ought not be let near tools, or bikes

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    I bought a new (to me) bicycle today. It's a carrera Subway 2, the 2012 I think. I'm very happy with it over all but..
    I knew the rear derailleur wasn't working correctly, I guessed it just had a bent hanger. Got it home and stripped down the back end and then I found out why it was so cheap. Some stupid git had replaced the derailleur hanger with the wrong type, so it didn't fit the bike. :rolleyes7: He'd done a half-baked modification to the unsuitable derailleur hanger, to try to make it fit, but then stopped and bolted it on anyway :thinking: , which caused the new derailleur hanger to bend as it was bolted on. :( Well, I thought that was the full extent of the ape-minded heavy-handedness, and I'd just take it off and bend it back to flat-ish and finish the modification (a little bit of filing) and bolt it back on. :whistling: ... but nooo, found out it goes further. :eek:
    This idiotic ham-fisted chump had obviously realised that his half-a-job mod on the hanger wasn't making it fit so he had filed a bit more... only instead of filing a bit more of the easily replaceable hanger, he filed off a piece of the flipping frame instead! The exact piece that the real derailleur hanger is supposed to brace against! :ack2: What the flipping flip? :confused::veryangry::confused:

    Anyway it's okay now.. the derailleur hanger's not quite straight but it seems to be just about functional, though as yet untested, because I've stopped for a mug of tea and a smoke. I'll get on fleaBay for the correct one sometime soon and just hope that it will function on the frame.. :sweatdrop: if that doesn't work, well I have another Subway 2 that I could use.. I just don't want to. And I think even cheap off-the-shelf cruddy commuter bikes deserve a little better treatment than this one got from it's previous owner.. after all it's not just a cheap disposable item even if one has a lot of money, it's potentially a fantastic mode of transport, it's.. a bicycle. And bicycles deserve to be treated with respect. :shout: Okay rant over now. :)
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    one more bike rescued from the hands of the incompetent. good for you