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  1. DeusIgnis

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    Right now, im sitting here, hands shaking, lip quivering.

    quite wrecked really.

    I was just on my way to work, happily cruising along the road on my bike. Doin ~ 45kmh.

    When a car comes up next to me and starts boxing me into the curb.

    But it looked like I was going to be fine, until a dude reaches out the rear window and pushes me....

    Just like that, all i hear is ****ing laughing then bam, ****ing physically pushed into the curb.

    This is on a major road (west coast highway for anyone in perth) and the second it happened i was expecting the next car to go straight over me...

    Luckily that did not happen.

    Came of with a few road burns on my right arm/leg, good sized crack in helmet. Bike mostly ok, handlebars a bit loose.

    one guy got their licence plate and i got his number and whatnot, said he would happily testify against the ****s and another woman who didnt see the stack, btu same them driving recklessly before it said she would happily testify aswell.

    Managed to get to work, called the cops, gave them details, said they would send a car around and get a statement.

    ~10 mins later i get a call back from them, saying the same car had been involved in a accident futher down the road and the guys had done a runner.

    Said they get in touch again with me in next day or 2.

    Managed to get someone to cover my shift.

    now im home....

    i hope these *****s.... ****, i dont think words can describe what i want to happen to them.

  2. SimpleSimon

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    Probably a stolen car. Worthless hooligan guttersnipes need to meet with some serious bodily harm.

    I'm just glad you came out of it basically intact. I know a guy in Perth - from pictures and stories he's shared it looks a great place to live. Unfortunately, there are animals in human form everywhere.
  3. DeusIgnis

    DeusIgnis New Member

    Its done my head in more then anything... Its the worst thing that another human has ever done to me, and well, it wasnt personal, they would have done it to anyone.

    zero respect for another human being....
  4. Pablo

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    They did that to make their nuts feel big, because they have no other use for them. They have no brains and they can't compete in the world so they just run loose....worse than any other kind of animal, they terrorize fellow animals....not so many species on the list that do this sort of ****.

    Glad you aren't hurt bad. Hang in there!
  5. Esteban

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    When I was about 12-13, I was riding a regular bike, & someone from a car threw a beer bottle out the window at me. I heard it " whistle " by my head. I did get their tag number & had it memorized by the time I got home. Called the police & they were arrested & convicted. I HATE people like that !
  6. Mountainman

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    first of all and most important -- they didn't kill you or broken neck or ???

    as sad as it may be -- we must never put far from our minds

    that there are slime balls such as these around

    on tv a while back it showed guys driving around and shooting people with paint guns
    they hit a guy on a bicycle -- he went heads over the bars
    the guys in the car were taking video of the whole THING
    once in court -- they all went to jail

    hoping the same for the PUNKS that did you wrong !!!

    ride that THING -- as we watch for the SICK ones
  7. SimpleSimon

    SimpleSimon Active Member

    There are fools and A-holes everywhere. In fact, the older I get, the more convinced I become that "normality" is about 70% that type. Driving up the Blue Ridge parkway about 2 a.m. one Saturday morning nearly 6 years ago I was just about the only car on the road and spotted (by nice bright moonlight) a pickup stopped on the overpass I was approaching, with at least two people standing at the rail.

    I'm professionally somewhat paranoid, so as I got closer I watched carefully. Sure enough, they dumped a huge bucket of liquid over the side as I was about to pass under them. Completely covered the front of my car with some noxious liquid, which the wipers wouldn't touch. Turned out to be mostly paint thinner. Next town I came to had an all night convenience store/gas station with a car wash - I ran the car through that 4 times on extra soap cycle - you can still see the marks in the paint. Had to replace the wiper blades and run for about a hundred miles with the windows all open and the blower on high flow through to vent what had run into the vent intake.

    Stupid, stupid, stupid act. Had I had no warning, I'd have likely run off the side of that mountain. It was a long ways down a really steep and rough slope to the bottom. It's just as well there were no crossovers anywhere close to that overpass - had there been I'd have been very tempted to turn around, go back and turn that pickup into a colander.
  8. MotorMac

    MotorMac Member

    Please keep us updated,these scumbags deserve real jail time.I hope justice is served in Australia.Up here in Canada they would probably get a slap on the wrist and that ****es me off.
    If you are to testify in court, tell them you want them charged with attempted murder.
  9. JemmaUK

    JemmaUK Guest

    I'd agree on the attempted murder charge.. whoever these people are they shouldnt be allowed near a vehicle for a good few years.

    I have run into a few people who act like idiots when they see the bike.. deliberately moving to block me or braking in front of me.. but I never seen anything like that... although I did almost take someones eye out with the end of a handlebar (he was leaning out the window and drooling at the bike, when its doing 30mph, not the sanest of ideas..)

    Im glad you werent too hurt physically... and on the upside its pretty unlikely anything will happen like that again..

    Jemma xx
  10. tinker4

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    It looks like you had an angel watching over you and your ok good thing you were wearing your helmet it could have been much worse. Those guys need to spend a long time in jail...:2guns: :angel2:
  11. sabala

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    That sucks, there's no shortage of arseholes in the world unfortunately. I bet it was some dumb tossers filming themselves to put up on YouTube. I'm glad to hear about passerby's backing you up. I'm sure they will be caught and dealt with. Glad you're ok too. When they're caught maybe you can nail em for a new helmet or any repairs to your bike?

    Holy cow Esteban, I had the exact same thing happen to me when I was 12 riding home from school. I was riding against traffic though, in a breakdown lane, (plus an extra gravelly shoulder) just as a car passes me, all of a sudden a beer bottle comes flying out from the car nailing me in the chest and splashing some beer over me. Didn't get a chance to see the plates for a report unfortunately. Glad you got those basterds though!
  12. bluegoatwoods

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    There's not much more for me to say; everyone's pretty much said it all.

    But I am sorry. And I definitely agree with the statements about "massive bodily harm" and "jail" for these creeps.

    Let's hope.
  13. JemmaUK

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    I knew they invented plasma cutters for a reason.... lol :death:
  14. brendonv

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    another perth guy. MB are becoming popular now. We should have a meet one day.
  15. Sky High

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    Mean Streets

    I ride prepared... ( just kidding !)

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