Some questions for 5 yr GXH50

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by nickmix, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. nickmix

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    What should i clean the plastic petrol tank out with? drying time is not a problem

    can i add another filter to the fuel pipe coming from the tank ? or is this pointless due to it beening on a bella mixer, dont mind doing diy project to make it fit,

    Been told by a honda repair because the engine has been on a Bella mixer it cannot be used that much, so rings are not a problem, so im just looking at giving it a good clean/service,

    Will be cleaning the GXH50 carburetor as there was no filter on it when i got it

    what else can i use instead of Marvel Mystery oil cant get it in UK ?

    thanks guys, i know it might be just a dead end put i got to give it a try before i write of the engine.,

    i got compression and spark, was turning over fine for about 1 hr then not starting

    thank you all,

  2. spad4me

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    Marvel mystery oil is an upper lube meant to lube the valve faces and the top of the piston and compression ring.
    DO not put Marvel mystery oil in a 4 stroke crankcase.
    Maybe a little in the fuel, ( one capful per tank)

    To clean out a gastank use clean gasoline.
    By not starting do you mean seized, not able to turn at all.

    What does a Bella mixer mix???
  3. nickmix

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    Bella mixer is a cement mixer, honda repair guy said rings are never really go on the mixers its aways some thing else 1st,

    I read on here some one stated to put marvel mystrery oil in thru spark plug hole, about a tablespoon ?

    dont really want to be wasting petrol just for cleaning out the tank, surely another way paraffine ? as i said dry time no problem,

    It was seized I unseized it turning the start pot with a spanner, but its sputtering and smoking after that,

    smoking due to the petrol = some one gave me petrol mixed with water, long story,

    i supect it just needs a good clean, and a clean is the cheapest way to go with 1st
  4. spad4me

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    No air filter with sand, water, rocks, and caustic lime and cement.
    I live in the desert and the quartz sand will destroy an engine without a good air filter in days.
    You can use any oil, kerosene, pariffin etc in the place of marvel mystery oil . Just use a little bit.

    Some one helped me once with a gas water mix. He mixed pure gas with muddy water in my spare gastank. We are no longer friends.
    It really messes up the carb and valves. It turns into mud inside the parts.

    Where I live paraffin is expensive. Gasoline not so much money compared to pariffin.
    Use what ever you have handy.
  5. nickmix

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    i know i know, sounds bad well it "is" bad, but im hoping i can get a few more jobs out of it, enought to cover the cost of the thing in the 1st place,

    i know what you mean with these "friends" the guy that got me the pertol forgot to say it was over 2 weeks old stored out side in the garden... i donno ,what can u do ..

    thanks for the info, will get to work on it over the week end
  6. unior

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    Keep adding oil and spinning her over with the plug removed till it spins nice and free. Then try and get her started. Those rings could definetly be sticking if she was seized. Whoever said a cement mixer isn't gonna have ring problems vs a typical engine is wrong.
  7. nickmix

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    unior/ it is spinning free now but going to put in a bit of oil as stated above,

    I guess the honda repair guys have got a point because the engine is just turning a drum, at low rpm, its not doing 30mph more like 4mph lol