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Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Guest, Jun 27, 2007.

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    Hi there

    I just got my 80cc Bike kit 2 days ago, I forgot to put the clutch in and tryed to ride my bike and it would not move and draged it abit around, then i saw the clutch was not tight enof , but i can't seem to find a way tighten the cord it keeps slipping out of my hand before i can screw the little screw tight so it does not slip out? How do you do it ?

    Here are the other questions i have

    1. My carb is leaking now what caused this , its dripping ever since i tryed riding without the clutch in.

    2. I am not a Mechanic and i put this together, But could this engine blow up? or is it dangerous to use if you don't know fully about it.

    Is there any acticles about installing the clutch properly?

    I just posted this in another thread and it was locked , i just need to be directed to the threads that can help me thanks

  2. azbill

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    look at the install manual that we worked so hard to put together
    what kind of problems are you having with the search?
    this is a repeat of the post that got locked , why do the same again? :x
    that is not a good way to leave a first impression :evil:
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    dude, there's a whole "owner's manual" section halfway down the page.

    you think b*tching and reposting is the way to start off here? some manners, go "introduce yourself" and get acclimated first.

    there was a time when people knew messageboard etiquette.

    have you bothered to check rules, policies, tips, suggestions? have you scrolled thru our 9 pages of technical help to read topics with "clutch" in the subject line?

    search for keywords carburetor leak gave me 4 hits

    fuel leak gave me 19, 4 or 5 relevant.

    use "search for all terms" option!

    enuff already. unfortunately, you've become the target for my frustration with the new wave of members who're signing up & making "demands"... we're volunteers & we've already spent countless hours (just for you) preparing everything you need, everything you're asking about has been covered many times, so go find it.

    find a relevant existing topic and post your question there.

    clutch? you couldn't find any help on clutch? it's a joke right?

    yes, the brass cable-lock is a toughy, you need 3 hands, but there is no easy way or good tips about that :???:

    btw-quit barraging me with pm's about the same stuff. i'm gonna throw you a bone, but could have easily done this yourself.

    and of course this:
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    What I've been doing with the brass cable lock/fastener is to first leave that goofy small diameter spring out as it really doesn't do anything anyway and is a pain in the butt, then just slide the brass fastener up until all the loose slack is out of the cable and snug it down using pliers to hold the brass part. (I've got mine adjusted so that you can see the cable move a little bit before the the clutch arm starts to move) When adjusted like this, when you pull the clutch, it should dis-engage as it was intended.... good luck. Oh, you will want to pull the cable out of the housing before final installation and apply a light coating of grease to it. This will greatly reduce clutch pull effort when everything is assembled.
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    painless for you, sure.

    ...this issue cost us 3 more dead-end topics that have half answers instead of one topic with everything in it. follow the links i posted above & continue these questions there.