some upgrades over the years

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by MasterLink, Oct 3, 2010.

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    nice looking ride !!!
    those are some TALL apes :)
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    jesus how are you suppose to ride with a handlebar like that ...
  4. MasterLink

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    i had them on for the last year with the springer font end its fun and so comfy don't knock it ontill you try it
    fyi i do 25 miles daily hey son stick around i have some more tricks up my sleeve :jester:

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    thats the tires i went with iam loveing them very heard to keep clean but a big upgrade over the tires that i had 26x 2x125 these are 26 x 3 and i can run 35 to 60 psi i live in the city roads are bumpy i have 35 in them loven them and cornering is so much different in turns smooth as butter and i can lean the bike over the stock tires i had were a flat squire tire tread in turns was weid ohh and i loved the name White Collection tattoo these things are great