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    Well it’s been 2 weeks since I finished my bike, and I have also noticed that the bike seems to emit a somebody’s else’s problem field, does any body else experience this phenomenon? When people do notice the bike their reaction is positive. It is the most fun I have ever had going to work everyday! It’s simply an amazing way to commute.

    In one instance I pulled up to a guy driving a nice new Porsche, at a stop. he had the top down at first he did not notice me but then he must have seen me out of the corner of his eye and did a double take and then gave me a thumbs up!

    On Friday I drove by on local municipal security guy and two cops and nothing, but I did kill the engine as I saw them so that probably helped

    I was wondering if it is broken in now I have driven approx 90 miles Not including test runs so it could be over 100 miles and I have Burt over gallon and half of gas, but during the first week I had a gas leak I have noticed that the mileage has improved and the engine seems to the higher end more now when I dare to go over half throttle, and it is smoothing out. It has also been very cool around 50 or so, most days I have to wear gloves I thing that could be a good thing for the break in.

    I have attacked two photos of my bike does anyone had any name ideas?

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  2. Nice looking ride. I would reinforce those fender stuts if you havent already. Read alot about vibration breaking them and then into the spokes....

    I have attacked two photos of my bike does anyone had any name ideas?

    "The Silver Streak"?????
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    Definitely a good-lookin' bike! :)

    I would run the gas to oil mixture at 20:1 for at least another 1/2 to 1 full gallon more, but that's just me... Also, when I was breaking my HT in, I gassed 'er WOT once and a while--just not for too long (maybe a couple of blocks at a time). Now, after about 600 miles, I use synthetic oil and lean the mix out to 30:1--she runs smooth (as of today!) :) :) :)
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  4. I would name your bike Fred.

    Fred is a good name.

    Fred is a fine name!!

    Nah. Think of something Mythical.

    Like Zeus.
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    Be sure to secure that muffler to the frame somehow. They tend to work themselves free and blow exhaust gaskets if they're left hanging just by the manifold bolts.
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    There's a creepy old guy with 8-10 rusted out huffy bikes in his redneck yard with an old faded "for sale" sign. He was out getting his mail, smoking a stogie down to the nub, unshaven, when I zipped by.

    He looked at me and "got it".
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    Thanks for the comments guys, and thanks for the Help.