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Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Bob K, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. Bob K

    Bob K New Member

    Well, I picked up someone else's project. I am glad I did as it was a perfect entry into motorbicycling.
    I have a few extra bucks left over for some ignition parts too. I spent the afternoon tweaking it and finally
    got it running quite well. It has been ported,jetted,chambered, and fancy aircleaner. It still has the original plug which
    is the problem as the gasket will not seal properly. It was kind of loose and leaked a bit. I cleaned and tightened it a bit and it started running pretty nicely. It still leaks, time for a new plug. When the plug was out I shined a flash light into the bore and the piston still shows clean aluminum!
    And yes, Jaguar, it really needs front suspension!

    Bob K

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  2. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    I was not able to get my spark plug to seal well until I bought a name brand plug. Get a good plug like a Denso or NGK and the seal issue should go away.
  3. SuperDave

    SuperDave New Member

    That looks like a GT5 super rat!
  4. Bob K

    Bob K New Member

    What's a GT5 super rat?
    Is that something good? How could one identify it?
    Also, I got a new NGK extended tip plug and it starts easier and runs better
    and does not leak oil from the sparkplug hole!
  5. SuperDave

    SuperDave New Member

    Super Rat is 3 hp out of the box, 66cc w/slant head, bigger bearings & integrated coil. It also comes with a 3-prong radial spark plug.
    The visual giveaway is the lack of an external coil or CDI, it's all self contained within the magneto. It looks cleaner. Also, the magneto cover is only 3 bolts, not 4, but you can't see it in the above picture.
  6. Bob K

    Bob K New Member

    It has 4 bolts on the mag cover. The coil is under the motor, so just another HT.
    thanks for the info though!
  7. Max-M

    Max-M Member

    That's a nice looking bike; great color. But that gas tank mount: please tell me it's temporary, and that you'll be mounting a frame-matching green one on the top tube!
  8. V 35

    V 35 Member

    Just a thought, What about a snowblower gas tank mounted to seat, and disguised by a seat bag ? Many older small engines had steel gas tanks that mounted with u shaped straps Your bike looks cool, the tank has got to go !
  9. Bob K

    Bob K New Member

    That tank is ugly no matter WHERE it gets mounted. I was thinking of an integrated
    tank and rear rack type of concept. Maybe a couple of 3" diameter aluminum tubes 20" long.
    Weld them up to some sturdy mounting rods/bars. TWO petcocks , one for each tank so
    as to have a "reserve" tank. All powder coated black with some green pinstriping to integrate the "look".
    But, right now, I have an XL650R that "needs" to be ridden.