Someone tell me why do certain people always go off the deep end

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    I joined here to learn about stuff and products out there.I have no prob with a company review but,This constant nagging,cussing,soap opera drama of certain people always gotta be on here?This junk belongs either In the combustion chamber or the dammed court.This forum Is getting to be like an episode of judge judy with a few I will name by,ghostrider.Just to name out of many who seem angry at the world and come In here bragging about all these engines they are gonna make and slandering those who messed them over.I do not know the story and honestly do not care.Quit living In the past and put your ideas and money where your mouth Is and either build these so called super motors and help out the consumer or just move on.I hate to be a d!ck.But,Anymore I see posts In here that should have people banned or moved to the combustion chamber.I personally don't like 1888kitbike.But,I know I dealt with them of my own free will and to say something bad about them would be showing my own stupidity for ever dealing with them.I think ezmotorbike Is too expensive asking 600 plus shipping for a hua sheng motor to go on a bike and 800 for a honda.But,I do not judge them and respect what they are trying to do to make a living and feed their family.Even If I disagree with their prices.All this negativity got me thinking about leaving here being I would get banned for posts that rich,and many others have posted.If you got probs with someone take It up with them In the combustion chamber,on the street,Or In court.I personally like pirate cycles and never had a prob.Does not mean everyone else does.But people that sponsor here and have a 100% vendor review rating do not deserve to be slandered by rich and his obsessive ego and claims made against a vendor without any proof to back It up.So sick of all this junk.If I made comments like some In here.I would be banned.I come In here to meet people despite of differences and try to learn and respect other people's rides.Not use this forum as a weapon to lash out at people.I am almost decided to not come back being I had enough of the arguing and cursing.The administration lets things go too far.They even opened the combustion chamber.But,I still see all the flack and bad blood come here In the public forums where there are rules that should be followed.But almost never are.And for those who wanna bash me.Fine,I could care less about your bad attitude or slandering me to make yourself look big.
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    Seen some justice done.Thank you Tom
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    Anyone here.
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    Hi Plinko. Rich's ban is temporary (two weeks I believe), but if he continues his diatribes once he's allowed back it will be made permanent.
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    He's very knowledgeable and not a bad person.But,He has to get over being so mad at the past and pirate and jim gave him over 1200 bucks worth of parts to help him out and he never delivered justin's 6 Intakes.If he would quit being negative towards pirate cycles and fix Engines and build them and start his own business.He may very well become the next don grubee.But His posts make him look bad and lead me to wonder If he's not obsessed with pirate cycles or Jim.Jim has been sick and In the hospital and He's been going off on Jim and saying he makes bad stuff.I know better being I dealt with Jim.A lil slow on orders being He works by himself.But,not a bad machinist at all.Nice to meet you by the way and I hope rich learns how to deal with people better In the future.Hate to see all that knowledge go to waste due to bickering and rubbing people the wrong way.I sent him an e mail and told him some plain truth and I made a post basically saying I was tired of him bashing pirate cycles when there Is no merit In It and to not talk or post people you do not get along with and start your own business.He's got the smarts to do so.But,I wonder If he has the diplomatic skills necessary In business.