Something broke in my honda gxh50


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Apr 9, 2018
still waitin for new GX50
Ikr I'm actually mad that someone even mentioned it on here it's taking forever for dealers to even hear about them. I want a 4 stroke because they don't smell as much, quieter and more torque for these hills. 50cc is an improvement over 35cc. The HS just looks weird on a rack mount. Looks too bulky.


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Jul 29, 2018
doh! facepalm...
personally I think any rack mount looks hokey but I guess it's practical. it could be set in lower, painted or stuff to disguise it lol

I blew a rod on a 69 Olds 350 Cutlass, did a block long burnout @7000rpm. I heard whackety whackwhackwak then it seized up. moral of the story is even solid 4 strokes don't like high revs unless they are really setup for it.
tops @ 9500? I wouldn't take it past 6500 but that's just me


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May 2, 2007
(insert some pic that anyone can Google "GXH50 performance curve" and post)
And what? The GXH50's power has long been known. Guys have been running em well over 10 years. The GXH50 has a limit to angle of operation and a built-in low-oil switch (which Honda charges over $40 for and you pay for when you buy the engine) which will cause the engine to shut off under hard cornering or riding on bumpy roads.

The one we're waiting for is the GX "non-H and non-V" 50, basically an extension of the GX25/35 family. Those engines are like weedeater-style, can run at just about any angle and so have a better oiling system. Also, if one looks at the graphs for GX25/GX35:


One can see that those engines have an awesome powerband considering they are high-revving engines. The difference between the GX25 and the GX35's powerband is phenomenal. They both have very broad torque curves, but look at how long the 35 makes over 1HP. I don't have the time or the maths, but one can easily extrapolate some nice lines in the head for the upcoming engine with it's 15CC added. It will be superior to the GXH50, I have no doubt.