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    Hi, I'm from California and my nickname is Waldo . I am building a motoredbike. I am infatuated with all things antique or vintage, especially mechanical things. So, after learning mechanical knowledge from cars mostly, I decided to give this project a shot. I haven't owned a bicycle since I was 12.

    From the time I decided I wanted another one, decided it had to be a vintage replica, had the cash to buy one, found one on craigslist, decided to motorize it, chopped the frame up and transformed it......was about one week's time. You could say I'm a go-getter..:grin:'s not done yet. That is where you guys come in for the help on the details! I take great pride in making something cool out of what most people call junk. So... my first project will be called the "Flying Waldo" , or something of that nature. I will not be copying any one bike I have seen, but on the other hand, it won't be stuff that's never been done before. It's top secret for now, but plan to unveil it as soon as possible. ($$$:cool:)

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    Welcome Waldo. I do have to say I love top secret projects and go-getter's.
    Keep up the good work and you'll fit in perfect.
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    Welcome and looking forward to seeing it!
  4. terrence

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    Hey Waldo, welcome. Glad your here.
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    Hey Waldo, looking forward to seeing your completed project!