something has got to give!!

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    :thinking::thinking: i'm thinking that nothing on this bike gives way to the stress of taking bumps, starting the motor, exceleration, braking. to me, with the lack of rear suspension of some sort, it all ends at the rear wheel. more specific, the rear sprocket. i'm thinking, if there was a way to modify the tension pulley to the chain, to where it gives like an idler pulley on the serpentine on a car engine, it would take the stress off the chain, keeping it from stretching and keeping it from eventually breaking. is there something that someone could suggest or has used that works????? i kinda have an idea but not sure what to use.

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    "something has got to give!!" how about "give" us a picture?
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    Go to e-bay, Type in Bicycle engine tensioner. They are spring loaded and start at about $20.00. They call it an AUTO CHAIN TENSIONER.
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