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    Since owning "OSCAR", my new 2005 NE5 for over 7 months (now with 325 miles), I've always been used to the "setting" of my throttle position when I'm cruising, which gives me around 25 MPH.

    I just want to comment that since I converted to a Manual clutch, my same cruising throttle position has resulted in a speed increase of 4 to 5 MPH with no explanation for it! I glance down at the speedo, and there's 30 MPH, and I didn't even ask for it!

    The drive pulley of my manual clutch is 90mm, the same as my Auto clutch, except the previous slippage seems to have gone into real driving RPM's.

    Whatever the reason, I'm really happy with the way the conversion has turned out!

    Slip Clutches Forever!

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