Something Wrong with CDI or SparkPlug

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by skinnerman, Jul 28, 2014.

  1. skinnerman

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    Hey! I just got a new motor and I have been having several issues.

    I took my bike out to work, and everything was fine. I came home everything was fine.
    Once I got home, I tightened the head bolts to 12 foot pounds like the book said and bam my bike wouldn't start.
    After taking out the sparkplug and I noticed I wasn't getting any spark, so I checked the magneto and the wiring
    with my meter, and everything was fine. I pushed a screw driver up into the spark plug cap and when I pushed the bike
    I got shocked, but not nearly as much as when I remembered pushing the bike and holding the spark plug. So did my spark
    plug just magically break, or is my CDI not producing enough voltage for the spark plug, and does tightening the head bolts have anything to do with this?

    Now I am getting around 24 volts AC from the magneto when I push the bike, so that's not a problem.
    All the wires and the kill switch are safely covered and working.
    (the white wire is safely capped off)

    If my plug is bad can I go to O'Reilly's or Avanced Auto Parts and find it?(since it's got that weird head)

  2. jaguar

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    I normally get at least 30 volts from the magneto coil although that varies with meters.
    That is the most common item to go bad.
  3. crassius

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    when you took the cap off the plug, did you lose the little spring inside the cap?