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    My name is Art and I live in Florida. Four years ago I decided to purchase a 50cc motor scooter to comute to my job about 12 miles. After 6 months it lost all power and the mechanic said the piston was scored and he offered me a trade in. That scooter lasted a year breaking to regular drive belts and two Kevlar ones.

    My mechanic said he had just gotten a Keen Motorbike in and I traded up again. I liked the ride and feel on the road but 9 months later it was stalling every time I stopped and then if I slowed down it literally ran to a stop. The manufacturer refused to honor the warranty because of the ethanol in Florida gas claiming the damage was from water. I was thinking of replacing the motor when the motorbike was removed by the five finger shopping crowd.

    I am in the process of joining the motorized bicycle group. I found this forum about three weeks ago and began mining for information. Today I ordered a 49cc motor for a bike I have and should be on the road by the end of the month. Florida law specifies that 49cc is maximum power for a bike to be a moped. I will have to register and have it tagged. It would be nice if they would give me credit for the remainder of the tag on my stolen bike.

    If the gas prices continue to rise I suspect I will have to answer questions about motorized bicycles as I was about the keen bad boy.

    It did not take much riding time on a two wheeler to know it is not the bike that is a problem only the cars and the vision of their drivers that can get you hurt.

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    Hi Art, welcome to Motoredbikes!
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    Welcome to the forum. I hope you have better luck with this engine.