Sorry guy's it's been awhile..But here is my 2nd build

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    Schwinn Del mar..I rolled the rear fender forward,removes the luggage carrier,painted the rims red, installed headlight,tail light,Hi-rise bars and springer front end, and installed some ladies hand bags from wal-mart for saddle bags,and added the stingray seat.........Problem it wont start after 35 miles of riding...I came back from a ride and thought i would clean the plug,and it hasn't run since..I replaced the plug and plug wire,pulled the carb down, checked the exhaust to see if it was plugged. it fires,has compression and gets fuel..BUT WONT RUN...I even pulled the stator out to see if the key was sheared..i cant' think of anything eles...

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    nice!!! thats a clean awsome looking mb's (great seat) does the small one handle?
  3. Rainsawck!

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    Wow, you made that Delmar look GORGEOUS! /applaud.

    My first build I just completed is a Del mar, and you did wonderful changing it, it's very unique!
  4. dhg1973

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    I can only guess it....

    My 2.2 hp 2 stroke burns the resistor out of a spark plug every 2 weeks but you did that... So... Does that engine have a reed block and if thats not the right direction then does it have a pick up coil besides the mail coil? I will check this in the next couple days GL
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    Spark, compression, Timin (which on this is the crankshaft non nego most of the time.

    You have to go thru and check all the basics my idea is that you over heated a piston ring running hard on cheap 2 stroke oil from your local gas station for 1.29
    Check the compression (as yoda said then you will find your lost planet).
    Sounds like you have the spark in order.
    Were you riding a hard 35 miles and then it kinda lost power and now it won't run?
    Use the force luke...
    GL buddy hollar if you need research i will help man you have to get that goin..
    Daren Garner
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    I might have it!!! I was thinking....

    Hi Daren Garner again and i think it is the plug wire because they put a stupid little wire cilpthingy on in and it interrups the spark.
    Pull off that rubber boot on the end of the wire.
    u will see a modified paperclip poking thru the wire which one end is shaped like a spring to attach to your spark plug
    BUT the other end needs a new home in the plug wire so pull it out and spin the plug wire and force it thru on the opposite side of your plug wire
    get the boot back on after you try to start it to c if your headed in the right dir.