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  1. SoSauty

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    Having fun on electric bikes at kart track racing tracks. There's great potential in electric plus it's not incorporated. Builders can innovate in any direction.

  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Hi SoSauty

    Only 60 days until the next SoCal Motor Bicycle Race at Grange track.

    You are bringing your set of flags? Grange has a few flag sets and we
    are going to need them all as the course is longer with more turns than
    Willow Springs.
    Hope that you will help out with the scoring again this race and with
    figuring out the eBike class. There is a generator to charge your batteries
    and even a scale so you ebikers can weigh your bikes......:devilish:

    How do you like my avatar of the track?
  3. SoSauty

    SoSauty New Member

    A rather appapro avatar. Have flag set will travel. Also there's a green and black flag in the set now. My bike weighs 53-55lbs depending on batt pack. Could be fun to weigh though. Plan to process scoring forms and directions Friday. I'll e-mail 'em to ya. Also plan to bring a sort of charge station, a not so large shelf to keep chargers out of the dirt and 3-4 bike rack with shade.

    Hmm, I'm still browsing and thinking of a new avatar.
  4. concretepumper

    concretepumper New Member

    This race coming up @ Grange looks interesting. I used to live near In the High Desert and would ride my quad on the weekends and stop and watch supermoto and carts racing there. Are you the owner? My Son and his used to play soccer together In Silver Lakes. The 22nd is my Bday. We may take a drive up and see what motorized bicycle racing is all about.
  5. SoSauty

    SoSauty New Member

    Hey ConcretePumper,

    Don't know so much about the area, I'm over in Bakersfield. Not even a race track owner. Wonder what it costs to have a track built, 2 million?

    Come on by. Motored bikes is just taking hold, the racing events got started over around Tucson. It's still unincorporated, lots of potential for hobbyist to tap into, not too many regulations, kinda basic, not so expensive and lots of fun.

    A few folks have extra motored bikes and have been known to offer rides. You'll be hooked!

    See 'ya,
  6. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    So I get to ride your eBike on the Grange track this time? :devilish:
  7. MotorBicycleRacing

    MotorBicycleRacing Well-Known Member

    I am not Jim but I do call him up and bother him a lot.
    I stole the pic in my avatar off :grin5:

    There is a Supermoto race on the Sunday after the Oct 22nd
    SoCal Motor Bicycle Race that I am going to stay and watch.

    Spectators are only $10 at the gate and your son is free if he is
    16 or under.
    Free camping Friday and Saturday night and say Hi if you make it.
  8. SoSauty

    SoSauty New Member

    Gotta give you the 30second talk Neil. If you're still game to ride, off you go. It'll broaden your horizons LOL:cool:
  9. concretepumper

    concretepumper New Member

    Sounds like fun. We will try and make it. No racing though. My bike is a POS compared to what will be there. The land around there is cheap. But I bet insurance on that place is a killer! I actually rode my quad on the track before it was paved. Lol. Since then I always thought it would be funny to join (uninvited) a supermoto race on my quad. Just for a lap or 2 then make a run for the gate. Maybe not. Funny thought though.

    Yea I used to ride quads there often. We always would stop for a rest along the west wall and watch if there was a race. The pocket bikes are fun to watch. $10 is doable since all 4 kids are still under 16.
    Never have paid to camp there and never will. We have been camping by the big pile of rocks (near stupid walmart whse.) since the early 80's.