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Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by b5125125, May 3, 2008.

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    whats up people,

    I'm going to get a four stroke soon, but I keep reading how loud the gear box is. Has anybody tried putting some of that stuff the guys with big speaker put in the trunk to keep it from rattling? It's like foam or rubber with foil on one side and glue on the other.

    Also I found online Raammat BXT it's from it with stands 300 degrees and I have plans to purchase this when I get my four stroke. Just putting it out there to see if anyone has tried it or any other suggestions.


  2. fetor56

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    By all means try it & report back. :)
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    I have heard of people having good luck with the 'mouse pad thingey' that I had suggested on another forum. A good quality mouse pad (the rubber kind with cloth on one side) can be cut to size and glued with contact cement to the engine or gearcase cover. The nice thing is you can get different colors or designs. They even have kits that allow you to print your own graphics or pictures on mouse pads. It really cuts down on the higher frequency vibrations and muffles the noise pretty good. Not too expensive either. A more expensive commercial product can be found here:

    I don't know how well this would work, but it is self adhesive and made for generators, etc. Good Luck!

  4. b5125125

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    thanks for the input...I'm just waiting for the titian to try stuff out.
  5. cruiser66

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    If your talking about the Titan from ThatsDax, you probably won't need any sound deadening. I've heard that it's a very quiet unit....

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    I really can't see that u can deaden much on the Titan cos it's pretty good already...POSSIBLY a chain-tensioner for chain noise/stretch,but i'll wait till i get mine & see.
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    I have the Grubee gearbox and I cannot for the life of me figure out where any mat or pad of any sort could be put which would not interfere.

    That being said- I am running generous amounts of Lucas X-Tra Heavy Duty grease (no oil) and mine is not loud at all.
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    what about that rubber in car doors? and on car floors under the carpet? its made to reduce road noise. its called dyna mat or somthing and hough, i think they mean on the outer of the box.
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    On the outside, well, quiet means something, but I've gone pretty far to get the look I want, so no thanks.
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    300 degree grease

    After running my 4 stroke Honda with the gearbox today, the gears get quite hot, I think over 300 degrees easily...
  11. loquin

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    What manufacturer, acronn? The EBay vendors & Dax are selling clones - they aren't selling Hondas...

    The only vendor that I'm aware of who sells actual Hondas with gearboxes is Staton, and his gearboxes don't heat up like that. If they do, they're defective, & covered under his warranty.
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