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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by mizziman, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. mizziman

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    Hey guys would any1 have any idea of a cool way to possibly put some speakers on a bike just thought up the idea... if youve done this i'd like to see some pics !:helmet: :sweatdrop:

  2. I have over the years. not sure where I put it.

    what I had was a velcro fastened speaker enclosure with water proof speakers they were little aprox 3 or 4 inch speakers the bag was made of fabric like they make saddle bags from these days & over the speakers was a mesh type screening. the velcro pieces were sewn to to straps that would wrap around handle bars.

    there was an amp that I could run on a small battery to boost the speakers or direct wire it to the bikes battery on my motorcycle also had a carrying case made from same material to put your walkman or other portable stereo in. it worked great except when I went to unmuffled Harleys. then I gave up & put it away.

    anyway it was found on e-bay something like 10 + years ago, been lost somewhere at parents place for 3 or 4 years.

    it would work good to mount on a bicycle around handlebars & mirrors to keep them from turning heavy side down & you could use a MP3 player to play what you wanted but you may want to use the power booster with battery to be able to hear if there is much outside noise.

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    well its not that hard to wire a radio to a batery. i did it on my scooter. the only thing is unless yo want to charge a motorcycle battery, or another really large battery its pretty un feisable. if you are looking to just do this with a normal bike just find a large speaker and plug it directly into your mp3. when i go riding (on my pedal bike) i hook up some all weather outdoor speakers into my ipod and crank it up. they usually work good for about an hour. then my ipod dies.
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    no -- it sounds interesting though

    wishing to stay under the pooolice radar today

    that may just bring them in like flies !!!

    as I ride that THING

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    soundns great... to really make it loud, off of small speakers and no real electrical system you might want to try szomething on these lines..

    its a pocket preamp. powered by a nine volt battery..
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    I would have done it a while ago, but my concern is someone would steal my speakers or amplifier.

    The other concern is where to get cheap replaceable waterproof plastic speakers, that if damaged, they could be replaced easily.

    Has anyone considered those cheap iPod speakers? If they handle at least 10W, and are loud enough, they may be suitable.

    HERPER Member

    those little ipod ones arent great, i own a variety of those from various presents and whatnot, none of them can produce that much noise (over the engine). if you mounted the speakers in some sort of box, with the amp inside it would be pretty hard to steal.

    maybe some sort of rack thats bolted to the handlebars or frame with everything enclosed except the speakers
    also marine speakers are waterproof, and you could more then likely get some small tweeters for relativly cheap
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    well, if you guys want help wiring a car stereo to a battery, ive done it 1st hand other than that i really couldnt tell ya lol. i am a noob at electronics.....
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    A copany I-RIDE makes one you clip it to the stem on you bike plug in your IPOD to it and crank it up never used one but heard pretty good things. I gather the sound quality is about like the IPOD speaker. You can get it from

    Here's another idea if you wear baseball hats It ain't cheap but the battery in it is the reason why. Hope that helps
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    On my pedal bike I use and MP3 player wired into a cheap boom box. It can only get barely loud enough. I have a hard time hearing it when there's any traffic around me.

    I have feeling that you'd need, say, 50 Watts minimum to hear it on a motor assisted bicycle.

    It can be done, certainly. but now you're talking about a pretty stout battery with pretty limited run-time. At least it'll be limited if you're also running very much light.
  11. TheOtherStyle

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    i was actually thinking about this earlier as i tried to figure out what i want to do, be it a pusher on my mtb or build a trike.

    in either instance, i was thinking, a 6.5hp motor, with a custom machined adapter on the crank. the adapter would slide over the shaft, hold a basic GM crank pulley, and have another keyed shaft at its end. think of it as an extension with a pulley on it. you could put the clutch/centrifugal on the adapter. the pulley would allow the use of a 12v battery and a GM one wire alt (cheap from summit racing).

    having 65+ amps on tap would allow you to run pretty much any headlight, taillight, signals, radio you want. mounting speakers is another issue all together, but consider the above for your 12v needs if you are already considering a pusher or trike.

    even more amusing would be the ability to jumpstart a dead car on the side of the road from your bicycle :jester:

    edit: i must add something. i was reading on the diy gokart forum.... someone made the suggestion of mounting the pulley to the flywheel using the puller screws on top. i hadnt thought of that, but its definately a conceivable idea.
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