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    About 4 years ago, I spotted some tires in a bike shop with "square" edges, for lack of a better term. The tread was mostly flat and where the tread met the sidewall, the tires had almost a 90 degree "bend" in it, so it kinda looked square. They were fairly popular at the time, but I can't find them online. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Thanks. These seem to be custom made, the ones I remember were from a larger manufacturer.
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    There are two kinds of tires that fit your description. One is the 20 inch "cheater slick" kind that was styled to look like a dragster tire and was common on early 1970s kids' bikes like Schwinn Stingrays and Raleigh Choppers. The Sting-Ray Slik has been revived, but there is no reason to use a tire of this sort, since there are so many better slick or almost slick tires made now in 20" for freestyle bikes.

    The other is a traditional 26 inch cruiser tire styled to look like a car tire, often with white sidewalls. It is common and cheap when you find it. There's the time-honored Cheng Shin C241. And here is a similar tire I found for sale on Kmart's website.

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    Square-edge bicycle tires like the old Schwinn Slik have decreased in the last couple decades (at least in the USA) probably because they handle so poorly in turns.... You hear & feel them squirm out a little.

    It is MUCH like how riding knobbies on pavement feels, but the sliks feel solid when pedaling hard and braking. It is only when turning hard that you get the slight sliding sensation.

    I don't recall anything from ~4 years ago. At least, nothing as square as the old Sliks. How the final tire profile looks partly depends on the rim width, tho'.

    The Jerald sulky tires are made for use on carts and wagons where the wheels do not lean into turns, so that handling aspect is not an issue in their original intended use.
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