South Aussie MBc run Adelaide to Lobethal via Gorge road

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  1. arielatom300heps

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    I posted this in "Expression of interest second South Aussie MBc run" thread a week ago about a ride through the Adelaide hills.

    I like the idea of going along Gorge road maybe to Lobethal and then back again the same way or via Basket Range and Ashton. This trip it about 80 to 90 km depending on the way you come back to Adelaide.

    I have done this on a normal push bike before and you go along Gorge rd and then when you get to Cudlee creek you turn off onto Cudlee creek Lobethal Rd to get to Lobethal. You can come back via Adelaide Lobethal rd then onto Lobethal rd through Basket Range then onto Ashton. You can then go three different ways from Ashton; Marble hill and cherry via Marble hill rd and then on to Athelstone and Rostrevor or keep on going to Norton Summit just down the road from Ashton. Then you can go down Norton Summit Rd or old Norton Summit Rd which both come out at Magill.

    Gorge rd is not that steep compared to other Adelaide hills roads like Montacute rd, Norton Summit Rd and old Norton Summit Rd. I have also taken my 70cc Zbox along Gorge road as far as Kangaroo Creek Which I is the steepest part of the ride to Lobethal it you went that way. The bike did not struggle that much up the hill because I got it up to top speed just before the bottom of hill. I did have too assist the engine a bit on the pedals but it was not enough for me to break a sweat.

    If we did ride to Lobethal I think we should go back to Adelaide via Cudlee creek Lobethal Rd and Gorge road as the other ways I mentioned are very steep and would need a lot of pedal assistance. But if we did go back the steep way we could always stop every 20km to rest body (if you are not fit) and engines.

    It would be great if we could organise a ride like this and get like 20+ people to come along with motorized bikes. I ride a lot in the Adelaide hill with mtb cross country push bike and enjoy it more than the flats of Adelaide.

    If this ride was a go ahead I think a good meeting place would be Paradise interchange because it's near the Linear Park bike track so people from the other side of town can ride up along it to Paradise interchange.

    Please put my idea forward
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  2. arielatom300heps

    arielatom300heps New Member

    I now want this to happen so the ride will be on this Saturday the 12th of July 2008. Sorry for such short notice but it looks like the weather should be good on Saturday. The weather looks like 17C˚ mostly cloudy.

    I am not sure where the meeting place for this ride should be but I was thinking somewhere in city or another good meeting place would be Paradise interchange because it's near the Linear Park bike track so people from the other side of town can ride up along it to Paradise interchange.

    I am open to any suggestions as for other meeting place and what time we should meet at.

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  3. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    I dont know if my bike will be back together by then. If it is, Im interested.
  4. arielatom300heps

    arielatom300heps New Member

    Thanks for ur reply Simon A. I hope u can fix ur bike it will be great if u can come along.

    I want to try and get as many people as possible to come on this ride.
  5. Peter

    Peter New Member

    My electric trike does not (yet) have the range to pull this off at a civilized speed (40+). Please keep me in the loop for future rides as eventually I will have the range to make it worthwhile.
  6. Hills ride

    Hi arielatom300heps,

    I just got your message and am interested in a ride but not at this stage as I have taken my zbox Happy Time out of my bike.

    I am about to install a 4 stroke and have just today received the kit to do it.

    I guess it will take me a while to install as the frame will need some mods so I'd be looking around early September before its finished.

    By then every day should be sunny:grin:

    Please keep me posted so I can ride with you guys.


  7. arielatom300heps

    arielatom300heps New Member

    Thanks for your replies Peter and gygt.

    Sorry to here u guys can't make it.
    Maybe next time when weather is a bit warmer i will see u at the ride day.
  8. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Ooohh details please?
  9. ashman

    ashman Guest


    hay guys sorry to say but i wont be ridding a moto any more with my wrist the way that it is i cant do it so im saelling my bike but if im free i might still catch up with ya all at the beach or some way in adelaide
  10. wanger

    wanger Guest

    ride this weekend

    might join yous but only 2 top of chain ponds as thats where DOWNHILL racing is being held this weekend if thats ok:smile:
  11. arielatom300heps

    arielatom300heps New Member

    Has any one got any problems with the meating place and time being Paradise interchange at 10:30am leaving for Lobethal at 11:00am sharp.

    The blue bubble with the letter 'A' inside it is indicating where Paradise interchange is on the attachment map.

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  12. wheelsy

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    hi guys i would like to join for a ride but i also dont want to be soaking wet and riding my bones feel the cold a lot these days as we all know it has been freezing this week i havent used the fuel in my tank from the last run and have modified the bike a bit since as well i dont trust my tensioner which i have just fitted but i will see if the weather looks good i will come you know gorge road gets a bit crazy just driving a car with the motorbike riders a lot of ppl have died on this road i would hate for us motered bike riders to become the first to be cleaned up by someone drifting around the corners or a moterbike going too wide around a bend it would be a nice ride tho ill let you know as thweekend approaches ok
  13. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    Unfortunately I have had the time this week to even look at my bike, so I wont be joining in on this run.

    Its a pity, the weather sounds better than our last run.

    Oh well. Have a great day all who are participating
  14. wanger

    wanger Guest

    cant make it
  15. arielatom300heps

    arielatom300heps New Member

    I am leaving now 10:20am
    See ya there
  16. Simon_A

    Simon_A Member

    So, how did this go?
  17. arielatom300heps

    arielatom300heps New Member

    It only ended up being me and a mate of mine going on the ride. We waited until 11:05 for any late comers and still no other riders rocked up. We then headed up the Linear Park bike track from Paradise interchange and then we turned off near the end of the bike track and got onto Gorge road. It was not that busy with only a couple of cars and bikes having to pass us. We were not going that slow as we were keeping up with some of the slow cars. The roads were only a bite wet in spots so riding in these conditions was great.

    My mate only wanted to ride half way even if other riders had rocked up. So when we got to kangaroo creak which only took 1/2 hour we decided to turn around and head back to my place after giving the bikes a break. It was a pity we did not go all the way to Lobethal because it was such a nice day. It then took about 20 minutes back to my place. I then decided to ride over mate's house which took 15 minutes to work on both of our bikes.
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  18. customcruiser

    customcruiser Member

    im up for a ride i shud have my motorised bmx with pocket bike engine on it by next weekend but keep in mind i will be doing about 70 to 80 kmh as thtts how i have it geared but i guess i can slow down for u other riders note i am going to qld in july from the 7th to the 17th so if u wanna do another ride in july say the 20th im up for it but next weekend i want to organise a ride from the festival centre in the city to henley beach followed by lunch then ride back its a nice ride along the torrens river ive done it one my 26 inch unicycle a few times but i can be contacted via sms or text on 0423205962 any time and i saw a guy on i think it was tuesday wedsday or thursday mornign aroud 8 or 9 oclock hammering along prospect road on a red motorised mtb going towards kilburn this happened just outside the b.p. on prospect road