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  1. graucho

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    Hi guys and gals. In the background I have been slowly planning a dream I have of inspiring the next generation of custom bike builders. In my thread Those of You Born 1930 - 1979 its obvious to me that today's youth (at least in my area) are being robbed of the mechanical opportunities/experiences I had growing up. Thanks to my "always inventing" family members, the things I learned in the garage as a youth helped form me into the creative, artistic, mechanical thinking man I an today.

    If all of the legalities work out I want to move handfuls of youth through my shop teaching/inspiring another generation of bicycle builders, mechanics. There is many children out there who have much more talent than I, just waiting to be given a chance. A little kick in the rear so to speak. A little shop logic and teamwork will take a person a long way in life. I've always been taught to be generous and sharing and I feel this is one way to donate a small part of myself for the future of our world. I request as many of you who can, do the same.

    If everything works out in the future, (I have the domain but no content yet) I hope to get busy and start this fall. God willing. :grin5:

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  2. DetonatorTuning

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    WOW, you the man.

    wish you were closer, i'd come get an education myself.

    good luck and much success brother.

  3. Mountainman

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    hey graucho

    this did not come as a great surprize from you
    just seemed like -- you may be up to something good
    and man this is a good THING

    as you have stated -- many these days are not offered
    what we were while in school
    it was required in my school days to take all of the shop classes
    that was wood, metal, drafting and elect shop at the very least
    and one could come back for more of a desired class if wanted

    then at home -- old cool to the bone Granpa was always working on something
    there was nothing that man could not take apart and fix
    go figure this one -- Grandpa loved to ride anyTHING with two wheels and a motor
    from the super small motorized units that trully looked to be tiny underneath him
    to also include many, many of the larger motor cycles of the day -- BSA, Matchless, Harley

    regarding your shirts -- when and if tank tops are in -- put me down for a couple -- please

    bottom line -- have you given any thought to some kind of non-profit ??
    would be glad to donate a little kicker

    best of luck wished -- will be watching close

    anything so as to be of some help -- please contact ----------- MM
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  4. azbill

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    a very cool idea graucho!!!
    good luck on your endeavor :cool2:
  5. SimpleSimon

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    Good on you, graucho. Great idea, and I wish you every success with it.
  6. wcocc

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    let me know when its up and running, I can donate some $ for a great cause.

  7. graucho

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    Thanks everyone for your support! What my hold ups are is this...
    My insurance guy wants me to have a 2 million dollar umbrella policy. My lawyer wants me to run it as a ligit legal non profit business. The libby's in my area don't think its fair if only the parents that have the 400.00 for parts/supplies is fair. What about the children with less means of income?

    Man o man. All I want to do is mentor/hang out in the shop with 2 or 3 kids at a time and show them their way around tools, light machinery and create a bike or two or three. I guess the suit and tie officials in my area like watching them hanging out around McDonalds smoking their ciggy's. I've spent my life with people trying to hold me down, and It hasn't worked yet. I need to keep looking for a new angle. Im not giving up yet. Because this is a GREAT idea.