South San Diego area?

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  1. Relax-n-bike

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    New to the scene. Any south San Diego MB owners. I live in Otay ranch, chula vista area. Would like to know if they have any gathering locally.

  2. Sup! I'm from downtown SD, I see a random rider every now and then whizz by, but not to many group rides. Plus south is not to cool for rides, I almost got taken out by a lady with TJ plates. Lol. Killed my coaster brake that day.
  3. SdCruizer

    SdCruizer Member

    weve been hitting up dirt roads recently right under the 125 freeway near the dump
    and trying the bike path roads near e street / plaza bonita
  4. victortrav

    victortrav New Member

    i am new to the hobby and would like to get together with others to learn more and ride
  5. SdCruizer

    SdCruizer Member

    Im new to the hobby too, just did my first one few weeks ago

    I got the parts from a guy in la mesa, he has a whole garage full of these kits and parts
    He buys in bulk directly from boygofast (ebay seller)
    he is really nice and claimed to teach a class on how to do these, but I was able to figure it out

    if you want his info pm me
  6. Have any of you ever try out The Imperial Beach strand? looks good for maxing out your ride, with that long stretch it has. And has pretty good bikelane, once I get my parts in the mail I'm probably gonna hit that spot up.
  7. SdCruizer

    SdCruizer Member

    we are planning on doing that soon, get yours built!!
  8. Cool, all I'm waiting for is a few upgrades once the installation is done, we can set up a cruise. My stuff should be here by Monday. So in the near future its on!