Southern Hills of NY. experimenting w/ power assist methods (BionX, Honda 4cycle 49cc


CC XT rider

Southern Hills of NY. experimenting w/ power assist methods; BionX, Honda 4cycle 49cc

Riding many different HPV, latest & favorite acquistion is a Challenge Concept w/ the XT package, a new design of recumbent trike, out of the Netherlands. Just received a used PL350 BionX from the BentRiderOnline {aka BROL} 4 sale forum, will be changing out my rear wheel ASAP. Was referred here by @ BROL
Also considering a Honda 4 cycle 49.3 cc AdvantagEDGE mounted on my Voyageur Deluxe Rear rack (Challenge design special), so I can make the hills a bit easier. Reportedly ~225 mpg, should be able to achieve 55mph in my highest gear, may change-out largest Chainring (53T) for a 56T Aero from Rotor-Q.
Been riding & repairing bicycles since I was 8 years old (~40+ years) minus the few I spent on a submarine (Had 3 bikes on board, rode in Guam, Perth Australia]!).
Raced amateur level in Gaeta, Italy the summers of 1983/4 (Regio de Lazio). Racing & training for them was always a good excuse to catch lifts w/ locals & ride some new roads w/ regional cycle groups.
In various online forums; LinuxQuestions, NotebookReview, ..Forums, BROL, so I appreciate the hardcore rules here. My personal opinion is that many post repliers FAIL to update or even use the Whole SUBJect line that is available.
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