Southern N.H. Ride this Sunday

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  1. RusticoRay

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    Going along with Danny3xd's a ride for every sunday. Anyone interested in meeting up for a ride? Meet up at the Flying Cow Ice Cream Stand Hampstead at 11am. . Have a little coffee and a english muffin at the English Muffin breakfast place right next door. Head out for a ride. I'm willing to cook up some lunch at my camp about a mile away mid afternoon and go for a swim at Big Island Pond if it gets real hot, supposed to be mid 90's.

  2. RusticoRay

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    I'm going to have a second motoredbike with me, if someone wants to try a motor assisted bicycle or if yours is down.
  3. jg767

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    That sounds like fun. I'll see you there!:grin5:
  4. RusticoRay

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    I hope all the ice cream doesn't melt. Ill be parked in the back. See you tomorrow. Anyone else for a smoke and a pancake.
  5. RusticoRay

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    Hey thanks jg767 for the afternoon of motorbike riding. I think about 40miles maybe a little more. I'm still trying to figure out the odds of meeting up with another motoredbike and having the same bike frame. Huge odds.

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  6. jg767

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    It was my pleasure, Ray. You're the first MB'er I've ridden with so far.We've got to do it again soon. Too bad nobody took up your offer to ride the Hummer. It was nice of you to offer. I should have tried it myself to see the difference between the chain drive and friction drive. BTW, I found a tiny sliver of metal had punctured my rear tire tube, I changed it at my sister's, only 10 miles away from your camp. OH, if anybody's interested in a coast ride from Salisbury, Ma. to Portsmouth, N.H. let me know. It's a perfect ride for a MB, almost no hills and very smooth roads.
  7. shawnshank

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    Hi Ray,

    Sorry I missed the ride.
    jg and Ray, check out my post in lets ride for labor day weekend.