Spare Parts for sale (all SOLD)

I am getting rid of all my parts. I have 2.5 motors worth of parts to get rid of. The kit as well. Let me know if want any parts I ll put them on ebay otherwise.. Thanks All are dax 70s
Looks like i am down to a bottom half and the bicycle kit left to sell which is the gas tank and everything else that comes with the kit I am not going to part that out I am selling that as a whole kit for cheap.
Hey, would you happen to have a set of piston rings or a pin-locking clutch lever?
just a friendly reminder :)...
different sellers' engine parts are generally NOT interchangeable
ie: a kings piston and dax ring won't work (just an example)
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I see where your coming from though some people might assume they would work, great advice thanks
Everything must go!!!!!!!!!!50 bucks

Everything must go. 50 bucks gets you everything i have left. All you would need is a top half of a dax 70s motor and you would have yourself a complete motor kit to ride or put on a bike and sell. I dont have time for all of that otherwise I would do it. Must go by the end of this month!!! Really all you need is, piston with rings, and a cylinder and a bushing. I ve got the locking clutch one not the plastic one.Thanks for looking and Have a nice day.
I have nothing left to sell. Everything is gone. You can now delete this thread and thanks a lot.
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