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    I was at the store today and saw two different spare tube sizes that should work, but I didn't want to get the wrong one.

    I have 700x35c tires. The tube sizes I saw were 700x25-35c and 700x35-45c. It seems to me that both should fit. Is there really much of a difference for my use?

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    Go with the "wider" one. Think of a balloon. When it is not inflated much or stretched, it is harder to pop, but when it is stretched, a tiny poke will destroy it.

    You can use 26" x 1.95 tubes in 700c x 35,38, 40 tires if you want thick tubes that are easier to patch if you do get a hole. You have to bead 1/4 of the tire and then stretch it a little. Not hard to do.

    27 x 1 1/2 tubes will also work.

    Here are "super tubes" in the correct size for about $5, try this.

    Sunlite Thorn Resistant Bicycle Tube 27 x 1-1/4 (700 x 30-35) SCHRADER Valve
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