Engine Trouble Spark..Gas...No fire!!!

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  1. I need help trouble shooting.
    I have a stock engine with a shift kit.Just bought this project was running but he said it sat for awhile.I cleaned the carbon out of the ports..Made sure he white wire was cut just to eliminate that,Turned it over and seen a good spark every rotation on the plug..Its not a NGK but sparks(ill be getting one soon)(Is the gap.25?).

    Moving on..

    Here is where I think my problem is.The top of the engine is 1inch from the top tube which makes it impossible for the carby to go onto the stock intake(Just wont clean,No room)..I have a pipe into the carby with a rubber hose maybe 1 1/2 inch long stuck over it onto the intake but see, the carby is pulled out of the frame line onto the sideOver the clutch case..Which also makes the fuel line at vary little incline,Had rubber all over it to help vibration but I cant get it started..
    Gas made it to the inlet on the carby and I even primed it making sure the bowl was accepting gas,pulled the plug.It was soaked..So.I swapped head gaskets with a thin layer of gasket material..Same stuff I use on my dirt bike but this lil engine has no fire!I broke my second pullstarter today after 20 pulls of nothing..When I hold the throttle wide open it has a low grunt and sounds like its getting good air can this be my carby location I have no camera when my friend comes over I will use his.I tried to explain everything iv done..I also took the magnet off the magneto and cleaned the metal off of it but I still have spark..I'm told you can have spark on these outside and still not inside so how do I know if that's the problem..I'm fed up and don't want to sell it Im dead set on making this my transportation its a awesome set up I just cant get a fire started guys help me out?Here is a pic I found you can see the redneck intake I have.. 577249_444972078905968_1076764368_n.jpg

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    Unless the engine has very high compression then dont worry about outside/inside spark. (unless you have huge spark gap)
    It is super easy to get an air leak when you connect a home made extender to a standard NT carb. Glue the crap out of it and I will bet it will start.
  3. Ok I used some ultra black silicone gasket maker &on the intake,inside where in couplers on and on the outside around my rubber hose where it meets,Giving it a couple hours b4 I put gas on it so it cures but still gas might eat away at it,But that's all I had so Its not like it will stop it from cranking up..
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  4. I pulled this thing out of storage it sat for a year b4 I bought it(It ran b4 that I rode it before we stashed it away),I have turned it over long enough it should be back to operating condition by now..It would still start if my head gasket don't hold.I'm changing it out again when I pull the head for the new studs coming..What is the correct gap on the plug so I can be sure its correct?0.20-.25?

    I should have used the glas method and surfaced the head but It slipped my mind,Again it should still run..
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    .025" is the normal gap. but with my Jaguar CDI up to 5 times that amount can be jumped in ambient air.
  6. So I have heard...I wanna make one.
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    Just a thought here, did you mix up some fresh fuel? Modern gas goes bad pretty quickly.
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    You really shouldn't say to the inventor of an item that makes his living off of it that you want to bypass him and make your own.

    Third part of your equation was left out- compression (head and crank seals)
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    That carb don't look level in the picture or I am getting old.

    Fresh mix of oil and fuel. Cleaned out the tank and changed the filter?

    Did you try starting fluid or a small amount of fuel in the cylinder?

    Did you try to remove the kill switch from the circuit? Remove till you get it running.

    When you took the magneto off did you put it back on correctly? This guide from Grubee shows how to set the magneto correctly and sometimes they are put in backwards will give you a no-start condition: http://www.grubeeinc.com/USA/Magneto Mystery.html
    It will also show you how the properly wire the CDI.

    How does the magneto coil look? Is it rusted or corroded? Did you check for resistance? It might be weak if corroded. Does the magneto coil look like this:

    Here's a guide for trouble shooting: http://www.grubeeinc.com/USA/2 cycle engine trouble shooting guide.html

    Check all your connections and grounds.

    Good Luck,

    AKA: BigBlue
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    Why would you waste your time making one when you can buy the Jaguar CDI and simply bolt it on your bike, with the knowledge that the CDI was put together by people who know what they are doing.
  11. Jag,That was a hint to make sum they are not for sale on your website.Where are they for sale?I got some smoke today when I was trying to start it with the RTV but Couldn't get her to start.I'm running down to town to pick up some copper tube and make my own intake and get the carby off any metal and level as possible also going to J&B weld around were it fits inside the carb b4 clamping it down and anywhere posed to air leaks..Seeded to do something I was getting no smoke last night but my plug was soaked..It has good compression What should a compression test read???

    BigBlue,My magneto looks great no rust cor corrosion like in the pics..I did not take the kill switch all the way off but I cut the white wire coming out of the crank case just because I hear that's useless and still had plenty of spark Im surer the kill switch is fine..Oil mixture was rich of oil so Im going to mix a fresh gallon up I use the 93 octane or 91 with no ethanol and mix up a 25:1 I had a 50:1 before..
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    You can purchase the Jaguar CDI at JN Motors
  13. Out of stock..He is going to let me know when he gets some made up and on the site so I can order one.

    Couldn't get down to ace to make my intake so the happy time is going to have to sit another night..Geez..

    No kill switch (Blue 2 ble-Black 2 black) now so it should have no reason once I get the intake made to not run.

    It has a lot of compression because I can hardly get it turning over just holding the back tire up,Once its going it turns over good.Getting smoke just from a lil RTV I think a solid intake will do the trick..I hope at least!
  14. OK,The intake is made & sitting,J&B Welded the crap out of it now I am SURE its not a boost leak..I mean "air Leak"..Did not get copper like I wanted to but rubber will just have to do!

    Should be ready when I get out of work around 6am..Ill get back to you guys and let you know how it turns out..My NGK plug will be in tomorrow as well :D

    Well off to work,Hope you guys have a goodnight wherever you may be.

  15. I cant get the weakest pop like it wants to start..Has compression.Still not positive the homemade intake is working,Could be whats keeping it from firing but iv pulled the plug and found it wet of fuel.
    I took the magneto off and all the solder points were fine(Re soldered them)the magnet was put in correct when its TDC the key is at 1 O'clock.
    Turned the engine upside down its not full of fuel,The spark plug sparks a good solid strike.

    Its something simple and its got to be fixed!
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