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    So the cap that came with the kit is unusable and the seller is not helping at all. Now I need to buy a new but I don't know which one is the right size. Here's some links on ebay:

    ^For plugs with terminal stud ( threads showing on top of plug ). 14 mm thread

    ^For plugs with solid top or with terminal nut attached. 14 mm thread.

    ^For plugs with threaded top ( not solid or with terminal nut attached ). 10 & 12 mm thread.

    Please, please help. Thanks, Sean

  2. motorpsycho

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    dude, all you need to do is go and buy a spark plug wire for a lawnmower or a car engine.
    it will be a much higher quality wire and it will have a rubber boot on it.
    ALL spark plug wire boots (caps) are the same size.
    if you do go with a wire that has a rubber boot on it you will have to install the little screw on cap that goes on the tip of the spark plug. The stock boot requires you to remove that little threaded on cap from the spark plug because the cheap boot won't fit with it on the plug.
    a REAL plug wire boot requires the little screw on cap on the spark plug so that the plug snaps into the boot to make it stay on.
    all you need to do is go buy an ngk b6hs spark plug and an automotive or lawnmower spark plug wire with a boot and you'll be in business.
    The spark plug wire just unthreads from the cdi box, and the new wire just threads back into the cdi box.
    there's a little screw inside the cdi box where the wire goes in, and the wire itseld threads onto that screw.
    it's simple.
    heck if it's that big of a deal, send me $6.00 + $3.00 shipping and i'll mail you a brand new automotive spark plug wire and rubber boot...I have a ton of them here.
    you want a rubber boot, not a plastic one.
    If you buy one of those off e-bay do you have the tool to crimp a new terminal on the wire for the boot to actually work? Do you realize that those caps are JUST caps, and they don't come with the terminal that is required to crimp onto the end of the plug wire? besides that the stock plug wires that come with all 2 stroke engine kits are garbage anyway.
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    i agree about the rubber being better than plastic. you can go to a local mechanic and see if he has coil plugs cause when they change spark plugs they come with an extra one that they never use. or go to car quest and they have wire for 1.50 a foot and boots for 1.50 and the metal piece inside for under a a buck. i make the sick bike parts upgraded wire for like $3 each since they only need to be 6" at most.
  4. motorpsycho

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    yeah it can be done by buying a peice of wire and a boot from the auto parts store, but you have to have the special crimper tool and the right terminal to crimp the terminal onto the plug wire correctly.(a straight terminal or a 90 degree terminal depending on which boot you use)
    A coil wire is usually pretty short (4-5 inches)and it has the wrong type of terminal on both ends. The terminal ends on coil wire will not plug onto a spark plug.
    It has a terminal end tht plugs into the distributor cap on one end, and a terminal that plugs into the ignition coil on the other end. NEITHER one of these ends will plug onto a spark plug and the boots will not cover the spark plug either because they are too short, and too big around. Besides that, 50% of the cars out there these days don't even use a coil wire or spark plug wires anymore.

    If you just get an 12" long peice of plug wire for a car with the spark plug boot already on it, you can re-locate the cdi box and hide it to clean up the look of the bike frame.
    The easiest thing to do is to get a long spark plug wire from a car, and cut the end that goes onto the distributor off. then, cut the wire to the length you want, and screw that end of the wire into the cdi box.
    You can also get a spark plug wire for a lawnmower which has the correct boot and spark plug terminal end on it, but it will not be as good or as long as a wire made for a car engine.
    You can get resistor plug wire which seals the energy inside the wire. If you are running a cheap battery powered speedo, a non resitor plug wire can cause havoc witgh the speedo because of voltage leakage from the non resistor plug wire.
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  5. lowracer

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    I went to AutoZone & picked up one 7mm car spark plug wire which came with two 90degree boots (one on each end) for $4.95 I cut the wire in the center & got 2 complete wire/cap combo's for both my Chinese engines...I installed the new wire & new NGK spark plugs & it made a huge difference in the way my engines run. Performance & Fuel economy got so much better...I believe the stock wire with piercing clip-on spring cap & cheap inner wire w/cheap stock chinese spark plug was causing a miss. Best upgrade I have made so far for only $4.95
  6. motorpsycho

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    yep, that's a simple, inexpensive solution.
    replacing the cheap china wire and boot is one of the easiest, fastest, and cheapest upgrades you can do.
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  7. sparky

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    Local lawnmower shop charged me like $3 to replace my boot.

    And I didn't even have to think about a thing or risk slicing my fingers off. Just got to look at his cool tools for sale.
  8. motorpsycho

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    so you kept the stock plug wire but added a new boot to it...for $3.00??
    you should have just bought a new actual spark plug wire with a boot already on it.
    the china plug wire is nothing more than a few strands of copper wire covered by thick insulation type stuff. This is not the way to make a spark plug wire.
    sure, they work, but they are not efficient and you lose some voltage.
  9. CroMagnum

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    Forget those hard plastic resistor plug boots. Just buy a Sparky. You'll thank me later.
  10. sparky

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    My plug wire was actually one solid wire. Someone else gave me a plug wire from his V8, but it was actually fiber strands... no wires.
  11. k man

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    As I was riding my bike the spark plug popped out..Before I home to tighten the plug cap melted a little to spark plug..just enough to not fit good and a small spring fell out of cap....put all back together and no go..should I only replace plug cap?