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Jun 10, 2024
South Africa
Hi guys hope everyone is doing great I'm from south Africa and I recently got my engine kit managed to fit it within a day
I'm just looking to find out if my spark plug looks right or if it's running to lean


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I run full synthetic in 92 octane fuel, BR8HS plug,... mine looks exactly like that and it's tuned pig rich.
Be aware the OP is in South Africa...Octane ratings are derived differently over there than they are here in the USA.

The "92" octane rating in South Africa is the same as our 87 octane rating here in the USA.
If he was trying to find 92 octane in South Africa, that would be extreme high octane over there which would be about equivalent to our 98 octane rating.

This is why I always keep telling folks that these are LOW compression motors, Usually only a 6 to 1 compression ratio with most of these motors, that DO NOT require or need high octane, and the octane level of gasoline we are using should not even come up in the equation when looking at plug colours in such low compression motors.

I run 87 octane, ethanol-free gasoline and still have perfectly burning spark plugs and it has nothing to do with burning higher octane, it is all in how these motors are tuned in the first place.

By the way, my plug is also an NGK-BR8HS with a .025 gap as well.

I run 92 because my compression ratio is 13.8:1.
The literature with the kit calls for no less than 95 but 92 is what mine gets.
I’m not running green or blue gas. Just premium US 92.
The literature that came with the kits is likely telling you 95 RON octane, which is 91 Octane by U.S. octane rating standards - aka: (R+M)/2

This is fairly common with a lot of engines from China, including the cheaper motorcycles like my Hawk, which the manual - poorly and literally translated from Mandarin to English says to use 90 octane, which in U.S. ratings is around 85-87 octane. I am quite convinced an unmodified Hawk could run on dirty water and whisky mixed together. Low-ish compression and very very very conservative ignition timing.